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Car Mechanic
PS4 Game Reviews

Car Mechanic Simulator

Whooooo. Ok, so how fun can a simulator about fixing car be? The simple answer to this one really, absolutely oil pans (buckets) full of fun. From car nuts to newbies this game is for everyone and to think it is not is criminal!

S.L Perrin

S.L Perrin – Author Interview

This is a wonderful, no holds barred dive into the mind of a passionate gamer and talented writer. As S.L Perrin explains exactly how he more or less accidentally wrote a book about 40 years of British gaming history, why he quit at one point, and how Peter Molyneux is yet again responsible for one of the greatest things in British Gaming History.

UKGE 2019
Gaming Expo

UKGE 2019 – Sunday 2nd June 2019

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Birmingham NC the 13th UK Games Expo (UKGE 2019) to celebrate all things board game and tabletop. A family-friendly hobby and games convention comprised of hundreds of exhibitors; stores, demos, talks, painting workshops and gaming space. It’s easy to get lost in between the card flying, dice rolling, meeples and hordes of tabletop gamers.