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Is The COD Franchise In Trouble?

Breaking news coming to light that the Call of Duty game for release in 2020 to be produced by Sledgehammer games is in complete turmoil. As reported by Kotaku and here at Stoffel Presents we can only report on this and cannot confirm…

For the King
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For the King

For the King is the new tabletop inspired, Roguelike RPG by IronOak Games. It’s a beautiful looking game that takes the best part of Board Games and RPG’s, combined with a harsh reality of failure around every corner.

Bristol Anime & Comic Con
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Bristol Anime & Comic CON!

Last weekend Stoffel Presents attended the Bristol Anime & Comic Con and boy we wish we didn’t. It was a monumental waste of time, absolutely devoid of most of the things it promised and in all honestly completely shite!

World War Z
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World War Z Announces Free Updates

Saber Interactive and announced the next three months of updates for their intense zombie shooter World War Z and the updates sound pretty good.

Setting out a schedule of month on month updates Saber gave us details of what to expect in the next three months.

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World War Z

World War Z is a 3rd person shooter fast-paced survival zombie game, that is brought to you by Sabre, based on the Paramount Pictures film World War Z it’s a four-person co-op game with hundreds of hordes of the undead to unleash the pain on to!