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S.L Perrin

S.L Perrin – Author Interview

This is a wonderful, no holds barred dive into the mind of a passionate gamer and talented writer. As S.L Perrin explains exactly how he more or less accidentally wrote a book about 40 years of British gaming history, why he quit at one point, and how Peter Molyneux is yet again responsible for one of the greatest things in British Gaming History.

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World War Z

World War Z is a 3rd person shooter fast-paced survival zombie game, that is brought to you by Sabre, based on the Paramount Pictures film World War Z it’s a four-person co-op game with hundreds of hordes of the undead to unleash the pain on to!

ugs Must Die

Bugs Must Die – Review

Bugs must die is brought to us by the guys over at DG Games Workshop. “Bugs must die” is a modern-retro-style 2D pixel art top-down shooting game, for me personally it reminds me of all the top-down shooters from the 90’s arcade games.