Xbox Scarlett Rumoured To Be Revealed Next Week Alongside Xbox All Access


Xbox Scarlett is the supposed code name for a new Xbox console which streams games from Microsoft’s cloud services.  The rumours suggest it is a lower powered, less expensive console.  But it uses cloud power to stream games running on high end PCs from the Azure cloud.   What this means is that games would play in high quality.  Possibly up to 4K and better performance than even the Xbox One X is capable of.  All for around $149.



New rumours say that this streaming box will be unveiled alongside Xbox All Access, check out my article on that here.  Xbox Scarlett is rumoured to launch in October this year.  Rather than what previous rumours suggested that it was one of two next gen systems in the Xbox family headed our way in the next two years.  Although presumably if it’s a streaming box then it could theoretically play next gen games as well.  Apparently Xbox Scarlett will stream games to any screen you own.  Your TV, your phone, tablet, washing machine (Ok maybe not that last one just having a little fun).  But pretty much anything that has an HDMI port and/or a internet connection.


If this is indeed true then it could be revolutionary.  A $149 box that plays anything, anywhere you want?  Granted you will need a fairly good internet speed and they would probably need a new box with a bit more power to stream next gen titles.  Not to mention they want you to keep buying new boxes to play the new games.  But $149 is a lot less than the Xbox One X’s $500 price tag.  I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground on Xbox Scarlett & Xbox All Access to see if I can dig up any more information.  Apparently Microsoft is to reveal all next week in a special surprise announcement so we won’t have to wait long to know for sure.


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4 Replies to “Xbox Scarlett Rumoured To Be Revealed Next Week Alongside Xbox All Access”

  1. Alright having thought about this I’m gonna give you my lock on what this will be if true. Not based on anything just my own prediction for this.

    Xbox Scarlett is a streaming platform not hardware. It will work with X and S you can connect to the cloud and games will run at high end PC levels ultra graphics 60fps and with the new ray tracing technology in the new Nividia GPUs.

    I’m saying this because Ray Tracing is in all of the games Xbox has marketing deals for this year. All of these games will support Scarlett streaming. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Battlefield V, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Metro: Exodus for next year as well.

    First party Halo: The Masterchief Collection due to get its big update 4K 60fps next couple of weeks will be the first title to support Scarlett. Then Forza Horzion 4. Just my prediction again but this would be a big hell yeah moment for Xbox gamers and a great thing to boost sales this holiday.

    1. Further to that. Next year they will add streaming to any device that will allow them to put an app on it. Phones, tablets, Nintendo Switch (strongly believe they have made a deal with Nintendo given recent events with them teaming up for promotion of cross play). Xbox wants the handheld market and a market to sell their games in Japan. Nintendo would want access to the cloud power. Imagine how good the next Mario, Zelda or Metroid Prime 4 could be! I also firmly believe that they would put an Xbox Scarlett app on PS4 if Sony let them, but they probably won’t..

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