March 30, 2023

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A Way Out Gets Impressive Gameplay Trailer Ahead Of Friday’s Release

The next game from the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons devs looks really good. Only 2 days until release on Friday 23 March 2018.

A Way Out, a new 2 player on or offline co-op only game from Hazelight Studios and published by EA, releases this Friday 23 March 2018 and centred on the story of two men as they escape from prison and go on the run from the law.  The trailer below was released today showcasing some of the action players can expect in the game which is almost pure gameplay.

Each player takes control of either Vincent or Leo, the game’s 2 lead characters and have to work co-operatively in order to progress the story.  Hazelight’s last game was Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, which was praised by fans and critics alike with a heart warming emotional story about their journey to find a cure for their dying father’s illness in a fantasy world full of mythological creatures where one player controlled both brothers with intuitive controls using both analogue sticks and triggers on either side of the controller to control both characters.
In A Way Out the game is set in a realistic modern setting and the co-operative only aspect should make for a fun and unique co-op experience whether on the couch next to a friend or online.  To make it easier and more appealing to find someone to play the game with you only need to purchase the game once to get two copies of the game which is being sold at a very reasonable £24.99 so essentially £12.50 each if you and friend decide to half in for the game.

The game is said to be fairly open so players can experiment with different methods of completing objectives and co-ordination of their actions will be key to advancing through the game.  The game’s creative director, Joseph Fares, is an ex-film maker and it shows in the cinematic nature of the game and his last game Brothers.  A Way Out certainly looks very interesting and Brothers was excellent.   One of the best indie games I have played in recent years.  I’m hoping to get the chance to play the game myself at some point and am looking forward to it.  The story is said to last 6-8 hours which seems fair given the lower price point and if it’s as good as Brothers similar running time it’ll be 6-8 hours well spent.