Agents v Villains – Xbox Review


Review by Ethan Baron

Agents Vs Villain is a fantastic little indie 3D puzzle-based platformer with a twist. Created by Process, a small Norwegian Developer, with the Goal of bringing back the Social aspect of gaming.

Do they achieve this? Hell Yes!

Race against other agents in this makeshift alliance of Spy agencies to takedown The Evil Time-Traveling Cat and claim the title of best secret agent in the world. 3-4 players are required, grab a beer and grab your buddies get comfy on the couch and prepare to laugh, cry and destroy your friendships, because you will!

Agents v Villain forces you to play with friends locally, and it works a treat, within minutes of starting the game, we had all come to grips with how to play and began laughing at our own deaths, each other’s, getting frustrated at the Cat who kept catching us and getting past the traps but only to die from something else entirely. They wanted to bring back the social aspect of gaming, and they did, after getting through the first world, all our competitive sides came out and we began laughing as we killed each other, shouting and hitting each other when we died and all-around having a great time.

The game can be picked up by almost anyone, whether they are a seasoned gamer, casual, or never played before thanks to its incredibly simply controls, the game works by using 2-3 Agents (8 Different characters to choose from) to race to finish of each level while, trying to out manoeuvre the Evil Cat Villain and his traps. Simple mechanics but a lot of fun & creativity in how you choose to complete them do you work together or when the tensions start running high, do you Start sabotaging other agents with a well-timed Slap throwing them into the clutches of the Evil Cat.

Agents v Villain so far consists of 5Distinctive Worlds with multiple levels from past to present including Egyptian to A Dystopian Neo-Tokyo each with its own player-controlled boss that fits in with the theme of the world, who doesn’t love controlling a cat in a Mecha-Dinosaur!! Agents v Villain has a charm that captivates you with its intricate cat-themed levels of each world, to the way the agents go from working with or against each other to get through them and depending on how skilled/evil the villain is, you can spend anything from 1 minute to half an hour on each one.

Agents Vs Villain is an extremely fun and frustrating game, so if the idea of fighting a Time-Travelling Cat and starting a fight with all your friends in 45 minutes(probably less) seems right up your alley then I would recommend grabbing this game when it is released, And even if that doesn’t, as a casual platformer that brings back couch co-op in all its glory I’d still recommend anyone taking a look.

Overall Score – 9/10

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