January 28, 2023

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Anodyne – Switch review


So, Anodyne has hit the switch and was published originally in 2016 by Nnooo, it is a game we have previously reviewed and it was given a score of 8/10 by one of out Xbox reviewers…. Can it hold up on a new platform? I won’t go into as much detail around the back story as the previous review as you can click here and look at it explained in detail.

In Anodyne you are playing as Mr young, the entire game takes place in the subconscious of his mind. You will explore vast dungeons and forests, you will find items and power ups as you go to help you along your quest and take on the various enemies that you encounter. The game is a throw back to the likes of Zelda on the NES and SNES and you will instantly get that feeling as soon as you start playing, the music is also going to take you back to some of the retro games namely things like final fantasy 3 and classics such as that.


Anodyne has a lot of humour in it and it pokes fun at a few things going on in the world of gaming as well which is quite amusing to see especially the micro transactions dig when you find merchant in the woods early in the game, especially as there is no currency system in the game. Even one of the bosses you encounter greets you with “it’s nice to see you, its been too long still playing Nintendo’s I see?” and the humour continues throughout the game.

I was expecting the controls to be kind of clunky when I saw the graphic in Anodyne as it is just what I was expecting for a top down 8/16 bit style game but it is really responsive and your not locked to just up, down, left and right you can use the diagonal movements which I didn’t expect to be fully honest with you. This is handy especially with some of the jumping bits I should add being able to jump is a piece of gear you acquire as you move through the game you don’t get to start with that ability. As you would expect from any sort of game like this you find new weapons and equipment as you move for the game which can affect what you can do such as the spring-loaded shoes and a broom. Yes, you heard that correctly a broom which I will add has a fantastic upgrade which I love you can turn it into a dusty broom!


The enemies the game throws at you are all very different with there own unique looks and methods of attack and each one will require a slightly different approach should you wish to beat them with out getting smacked by them. Alongside some varied and imaginative enemies, you will also encounter some jumping puzzles maze like maps that write them selves as you explore but don’t worry there is a lot of save check points dotted around, even better that they heal you when you save! Also, I will point out that there are some very good uses for dust in this game!

I will say that this is a game for people who liked this genre of game and if it wasn’t your thing before you are probably not going to enjoy it as much especially with the bosses where you need to time your movements, jump and attacks to avoid the mess of swings they are taking at you.

I would say this game will bring any gamer hours of fun and humour along with lots of poking things and people with brooms and for a mere £8.99 its worth the money as the amount of time you will get from this is great.

I will agree this game deserves an 8/10