April 1, 2023

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Another sight – PS4 Review


Review by Kerith Busby

Another sight is a fantasy adventure game with puzzle like elements from Lunar great wall studios and published by Toplitz productions and it going to be available on Pc, PS4 and Xbox one and should be on the switch in time as well.

Another sight is based in 1899 and is set in the back end of the Victorian era and there is a very strong steam punk vibe to the game, If your anything like me as soon as you set eyes on the two main characters in the game Kit and Hodge you will see something of Alice in wonderland vibe to the characters.

Another sight

You are in London helping during to explore some under construction underground tunnels below London helping your father, this is where the game begins when the tunnel you were in collapses and you awake awaken with your sight damaged and basically gone in the accident. It is at this point you meet Hodge the cat when your trying to find your way back through the tunnel wondering what has happened.

You will heavily rely on Hodge to be your eyes in many situations as you switch between the two characters to move through the underground tunnels and caverns hiding below London, the entire time trying to find a way back to the surface. As you move progress through Another sight the two different characters abilities will start to show through, although Kit has not sight as such anymore her other senses are heightened, and sound helps her to see (think along the lines of daredevil). You can even call Hodge to meow to help you see in areas where you need to make a jump or just want to see a little more of what is going on.

Another sight

When you are playing as Hodge you are able to run, jump and climb with ease as you would expect from playing as a cat, you can switch between the two characters with a simple button press as you will need to sue both characters in order to complete puzzles and open new areas.

The game visually looks amazing and there is a lot of detail in the back grounds and level designs are well made where everything looks like it should be their and there is nothing that looks out of place, there is also a large selection of skins for Hodge ranging from his standard red fur, to a ghost like look, node which is shocking purple and even a Cheshire skin (see told you I felt the alive in wonderland feel!). you can tell as you play through the time and care that has gone into the level deign in this game and the artwork for the cut scenes are very well made as well.

Another sight

As you move through the underground of London in Another sight the game will bring some big names from history to life as part of the story where you will encounter Monet, Tesla and even Jules Verne. I am sure you are thinking did he swap games how do these have anything to do with a girl stuck underground? But on your quest for the surface you start to learn about an energy source called the Node and as you learn more about it and what it does it will all make sense. Another sight will explore a lot of emotions as you move through the game as well where your connection with Hodge grows and you learn more about Kit and the choices that she is going to have to face.

Another sight

The story is really good and although the theme of the game does change from the starting point of wanting to get home it is done really well and doesn’t feel pushed. I don’t want to expand on it so much as it really is a fantastic story of escape and trust between you and Hodge leading to you having to make hard decisions as to what you are going to do at the end with a choice of endings. In fact, after I finish typing this up I am going to replay it as I want to see the other ending and also I missed 3 of the Biographies you can collect of the characters so I want to go back and find them.

The game does have a limited replay value to it and it is not that long as I completed it in under 4 hours, you can explore the 2 endings available and but If you miss the collectables you might want to go back and find them. The  only other area I feel I need to point out is at times the movement can be a little clunky and not overly responsive as I have had certain areas where I died multiple times where even as Hodge, I just didn’t have the character response speed I would of liked but that is a minor issue I found with the game and doesn’t really take anything away it can just be a little irritating at times.

Overall I give the game a score of 8/10, yes the game is a little short and low on reply value but it’s a great game and the steam price is only £15.99 and if the console price falls in line with that I say grab it and give it a go.