March 28, 2023

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The game Avorion gives you the ability to create and command your own fleet of ships and give you the option to use war trading or just mining your way.

Review By Richard Winstone

Avorion how deep will the sandbox take you……………….

The first title from developer Boxelware takes you into a future where a cataclysmic event tore through the galaxy creating rifts in space and time, creating wormholes and leaving the galaxy is disarray and confused as the center of the galaxy has been left completely cut off, from the outside you can only wonder what’s happening.

An Alien species the Xsotan procedurally invade with no information and seaming no reason, you begin the game in a small ship that allows you to mine some basic resources with the aim to build your first ship to use exploring, fighting and trading throughout the systems.


There is a wide array of factions including pirates that depending upon your actions will change your relationships with them, being friendly has its benefits like cheaper trading prices and transport use, but so does having enemies, allowing you to raid their transporters for good to sell. 

You begin on the outer edges and as expected the closer to the center the greater the risk, and the rewards, there are several tiers of building materials all with there own advantages and limitations with the final two being trapped within the center.

As the story unfolds you finally discover that the Xsotan are living ships feeding off matter to replicate with breeder farms existing deep with the center of the galaxy.


Early on I figure this was just spaced Minecraft, with the generated ships in the galaxy generally being very boxy and plain-looking, as I googled space ship designed the early access players have left blueprints for a plethora of unbelievable ship, the voyager check, enterprise check, Battlestar Galactica yep indeed, the list is endless.

The depth in which you can go into making a ship it’s fantastic and makes good logical sense, well as much as hyperdrives and trusters can.

The game Avorion gives you the ability to create and command your own fleet of ships and give you the option to use war, trading or just mining your way through the game, along with the option for your own server or multiplayer.

It’s hard to explain but it is basically the adventure you want it to be back when you creat there weird and wonderfully lego creations as a kid.


Your ship is restricted by your imagination alone and this is why it has taken me so long to write this review with just over 40 hours into the game there was always something new to push for, more resources for a new ship, my attempt of building a star destroyer.

My first fail in building a star destroyer. Finding the right items to complete various quests to unlock the story.

Now Avorion isn’t a game you can just pick up and play it needs attention to detail to build a decent ship at least, and its that level of attention that makes this game truly gripping, if creating a world where you control the narrative is your thing, do you want to recreate the empire, be a space trader it really is your choice, you can even become a pirate.

The score given is a solid 8/10