March 30, 2023

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Avorion – PC Review

fight endless Spacebattles in the virtually endless World of Avorion while procedurally trying to get to the Center of the Galaxy to get the miracle Material Avorion
by CL1P

Avorion is a Game procedural co-op sandbox game developed by Boxelware, where players can build the Space Ship they’ve always dreamed of out of dynamically scalable Blocks.

You can fight endless Spacebattles in the virtually endless World of Avorion while procedurally trying to get to the Center of the Galaxy to get the miracle Material Avorion (Roll Credits?).

I wrote a total of eighteen reviews now with all of them coming to a different conclusion since this game is way too deep faceted.


It seems impossible to give it a fair judgement without sinking in thousands upon thousands of hours, but let us begin with the basics.

Since Avorion is a Voxel-based game there really isn’t that much to say, right? Doesn’t seem to be that simple.

The individual blocks still seem to have a fair amount of detail while most of them can be forced into different shapes and forms to suit your needs, but that is not all, let’s get to the background.

Whenever you look around in this game you just see the endlessness of space, it is equally stunning as it is terrifying, beautiful but also reminding you of your insignificant imprint on the Universe.

Went a little to deep there, but you get the point, it is fabulous in its own way.


Next point would be the Music of the game, the Volume was originally a little painful but after adjusting the volume to less than half I was finally able to enjoy this masterpiece of a background track, it is scary fitting for the setting and plays into your helplessness while you drift through Space itself.

The isn’t that much to say about the different sounds in the Game, mining sounds satisfying, giving of shots and yeeting torpedos sounds exactly as you’d imagine.

Now that we went through the Basic Visual and Auditorial aspects of the Game we should get to the to Gameplay.

After a long, and believe me when I say long, period of not knowing how and what to do I started realizing how deep the Shipbuilding actually is, till now I still struggle to understand all the fine-tuning that need’s to be done for it to work in its own perfect way, all the different blocks and uses for specific machines that can be inserted into the hull, and don’t get me started on crew building which is its own massive element that needs figuring out and oh god, there are also subsystems that can all diversify your build even more, which brings me to the endless possibilities.

Do you think you can only build a ship? Well, that is what I thought until I saw some insane giant Base Stations build by the Community, People straight-up building whole Factorial sectors from nothing thereby creating their own intergalactic empire.

So yeah, the building…need’s some time to be figured out but as soon as you do, you can do anything!

While at the topic of empire’s, there are different factions in this game, which brings its own political system with it, you can wage war’s and unite with different factions.

Maybe even try to become the strongest and single largest faction in the universe and destroy everything else? To be honest, I do not know if that is possible but that would indeed be pretty sick.

Oh yeah, war, how do you do that again? Weapons!

Perfect Transition.

Let’s just say, there are 12 different weapon systems with each their own uses and capabilities, not even talking about the Torpedoes.

It is a slow Grind but well worth it in the end, Avorion is an overall beautiful and insanely deep game when you start to tap into its endless potential, which brings me to my rating and conclusion.

This is not a game for everyone, I struggled to stay at it myself but that category of Gamers that this is aimed at should be happy to have it, it finally released into it’s 1.0 Version but also…it JUST released into its 1.0 version, it is impossible to predict where it is going, what new features, functions, aspects and improvements the Amazing People at Boxelware will bring us!

The rating is, well, Indicisive.

What a surprise, as I mentioned, it is impossible to rate this game from just my Perspective since it is way to versatile.