Battlefleet Gothic Armada II – Beta Review


Review by PeetyPoos

Following the success from the first battlefleet, the second one is finally in beta after the delayed release from September, as an avid fan of the first battlefleet I couldn’t wait till I got my hands on the second game in the series.

After a few hiccups within the first few days with the game crashing, I got started on what I have been waiting months. The first thing I did within the beta was start on the prologue it gives you a little bit off a back story on the imperium planet Cadia, so no spoilers here…. People that already know about the 40K universe probably can already guess what will probably happen. After the prologue there is 3 playable campaigns, the Imperium, necronsand the tyranids. Hopefully we can play those in the second playable beta.

The gameplay is a little easier to understand and gets to grips with than the 1st battlefleet, and you can invalidly target components from enemy ships, with each component having a certain negativeeffect on the ship.


After playing about 20-30 hours in the multiplayer, I played around with some of the armies, my  number one favourite thing to do is take a tyranids faction and taking 6 ships with the mouth claws and start munchingthough cruisers,

 You do get a choice off 12 factions to choose from, all the main tabletop factions basically. Imperial Navy, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Choas, Asuryani, Aeldari Corsairs, Drukhari, Orks, Necrons, tyranids, Tau, within all the factions every army has a fully custom fleet builder,

The gameplay is fun, tactical, and makes you think outside the box you don’t just blow the other ships our off the atmosphere, you have tograb control points, as you play you level up so you can choose admiral specswhich you spend on your main primary ship. and have access to more fleet upgrades

Overall, I loved it I’ve been waiting months for this game to release and loved purging Xenos scum. Can’t wait to play the second beta test later in the new year. Hopefully get to play another chapter of thecampaign

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