March 29, 2023

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Bethasda E3 Showcase


By Kerith Busby
So here we are again at that exciting time of year that is E3, I opted to stay up and watch the Bethesda showcase and see what exciting new games are going from the gaming giants who are in the 4th Annual showcase this year.
Their theme for this year’s showcase was Create – whether it is them creating the games that we play or us being involved in them and helping to create the world that we game in.
The first game that they showed us for the evening was Rage 2, this is the sequel to Rage that was on the last gen consoles. In Rage 2 you are playing as Walker the last ranger of the wasteland a man whose family and loved ones have been killed by some of the mutants that are roaming the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the game is set.
The game takes you to an “insane open-world shooter” to quote the guys from avalanche studios, with that said let’s look a little more at what followed. They had some alpha gameplay footage to show people it begins with them showing us some explosive vehicle combat, I will admit for Alpha footage the game is looking good and it is looking very clean and smooth already so I for one can’t wait to see the finished article.
There is going to be an assortment of guns and abilities your character can learn to help you rage your way through this crazy fast paced world and even better while doing so you get to listen to a decent soundtrack including Andrew wk or at least that is the Impression that has been given.

If like me you will be waiting to see what the finished game is going to look like you will be waiting to spring 2019 which is the release time they have shown.
Next up brought us Elder scrolls online – legends
This is a game which is currently available on mobile devices and PC which is going to be coming to ps4, Xbox one and Switch later in 2018, the launch of the console version is going to see new cards and modes being added into the game along with being re-launched with new visuals. If you are a current player or if you want to get a leg up on the competition when it comes to console launch day don’t worry you  can transfer your progress over from your current device using your account, it is a game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down and no matter if you have 5 mins or 5 hours to spare there is time to play the game.

Sticking with the Elder scrolls online they moved on to talk about ESO – Summerset which is the new add-on which has just been released for the massive open world MMO, this will take you to the home of the high elves for the first time in a new adventure to sink your teeth into whether you be new to the game or an experienced player ready to venture forth with your guild. ESO has won MMO of the year for 3 years now which I can see why when they are adding new content to the game every quarter, the next instalment they told us about is wolf hunter which is a dungeon area and will be heavily involving werewolves. Also to add to this they have just launched the original game on the x-box game pass so that can give you a chance to try the game out if you have not done so before. There is more content planned which involves exploring the Argonian more and it’s people which will be interesting to see what changes that brings to the game.

DOOM Eternal
Doom got a reboot back in 2016 which was great to see as I loved the fast-paced run and gun style of the game and the chance to blow some demons to hell is always a good stress relief, due to the love and passion of the players is why they have decided to create DOOM Eternal where they are inspired to try and provide what people want.
The game is going to involve twice as many demons for the Doom slayer to battle their way through and they have promised more of a tease and a preview of the game at this year’s QuakeCon in August.

Speaking of Quake that brings is to Quake champions and the reports surrounding the game, Quake first landed on our tv’s back in 1996 and the Quake community has grown ever since. They want to build and contribute to the competitions and the e-sports side of it more than ever now so they are offering up a chance to take part in a trial of the game between June 10th and 17th which they will allow players to play after the trial closes so make sure you download it before it ends and enjoy this amazing game.
They have added new features to the game which they have said will help the Quake dad’s continue to enjoy the game as well as help to bring the new players in and get them playing.

Prey is a game by arcane studios which was released last year and has had a massive following of gamers, they started this by thanking the gamers for the time and love of the game.
As a thank you, they are dropping in some new things to the game for free so now when you start up there will be new options on the screen which will be a story, New game + and survival mode which should be a good challenge for the hard-core fans. But that is not all there is also a new mode coming later in the year called moon crash, in this mode the loot, enemies and hazards will be different every time you start the game giving you a huge replay factor as you will never know what is awaiting you around every corner and allowing you to play your own way.
Also, they are releasing Typhon hunter which is a 1 vs 5 experience similar to hide and seek where 1 player is human and the other 5 are mimics and they need to try and hide and survive.

Last year saw the release of the holidays and the devs were happy to see so many of you rallied to the rebellion and helped to “beat the living fuck out of those nazi’s” with that said the game is going to be launched on the switch on June 26th opening the world up to a new base of players.
Youngblood is going to be the next instalment in this series which is set in the 1980’s and finds you playing as B.J’s twin daughters which means you can experience the game in single player or jump in with a friend for a co-op experience and remember the resistance is counting on you!

No Bethesda showcase would be complete without them pushing the boundaries of their VR games and bringing new games to life on this platform, with that said they announced that PREY – Typhon hunter would be coming to the VR along with a new mode where you play as one of the employees on the spaceship and you have to navigate puzzles on the ship. Also, the new Wolfenstein will have a cyberhacker mode in which you take over robots to help you take the fight to the Nazi’s

Fallout was teased a little while back and needless to say the internet has been going wild trying to find out more so this is something I couldn’t wait to see at E3, before they got to fallout Todd Howard did show a brilliant tongue in cheek video about Skyrim which is worth a watch for a giggle.

Fallout 76 is going to be a prequel which is 4x the size of Fallout 4, it is set in West Virginia and you are playing the part of one of the dwellers of vault 76 who are the first vault to open and will be put into the world to explore the new post-apocalyptic wasteland. The song country roads is obviously going to be the main song for this game as the wanderer was for Fallout 4.
The game starts on reclamation day with the overseer speaking over a loudspeaker as you venture forth into the world, the overseer will give you quests which will see you exploring 6 different regions of West Virginia and encountering new creatures that have never been seen and Bethesda have used a lot of folklore and brought this to life in the game for players to explore.
The game is able to be played as a single-player experience but is also going to come with the chance to work with other dwellers (or take the fight to them whichever you prefer) all dwellers will be human and Bethesda have promised dedicated servers, don’t worry the game will only have dozens of players and not hundreds like it is some mad apocalyptic theme park. They have been working on the idea of a open world fallout game that you can explore together for 4 years now and this is the outcome of that brain child.
They showed some vault tec instructional videos showing that you can build literally anywhere in this new game as you set off into the world to start to rebuild, you don’t have to work with people for this but it will make it easier.
Also in the game, Bethesda has decided to place a load of muscular middle sites on the map leaving the players a lot of options with how they play the game. Also if a settlement is causing you issues you can always drop a nuke on them and go into the fallout after to find some rare and valuable resources but be warned there is a lot of risks involved in this so be prepared.
There is also going to be a beta of 76 so keep an eye out for more details on that after all the motto for the beta is break it early test application
The most exciting thing I took from this is the collector’s edition or the power armour edition as it is called which comes with a power armour helmet! Also a glow in the dark land and figures but did I mention the power armour helmet? It’s wearable and everything… The game is set for release on 14th Nov 2018

While I’m on the topic of fallout, 3 years ago they release fallout shelter and the game has been going strong ever since! So they are rolling it out onto ps4 and switch and it is free to download and play and the best bit it’s out now so go take a look

Mobile games are something which is becoming more and more popular as time passes now, with that said they guys at Bethesda have made Elder scrolls blades, it is a pure elder scrolls game which is a first-person view RPG and will be available on Android and iPhone upon release.
From the footage, the game seems to be well responsive considering it is a mobile game, the dungeons in the game are a mixture of handmade areas and random computer generated areas. The game is not just a hand to hand game you can make use of all the magic and weapons you would expect to find in the elder scrolls world. The characters will be customisable and the game can be played in either landscape or portrait but they have not said if you can pair up and a controller and play which is something I would be interested to see if it will work.
There are 3 modes in the game
Abyss – which is more of a dungeon crawlers mode
Arena – PvP battles
The hub – a town area you can level up and gain quests to complete in the game, even visit your friend’s towns.
The game will eventually be rolled out beyond phones all the way to consoles and VR systems as well with cross-platform play available. It is due for release in fall 2018 but you can pre-order for your mobile devices already

That pretty much finished up the showcase all but 2 more announcements a brand new franchise coming from Bethesda called Starfield

Also the long awaiting elder scrolls 6 has been confirmed!

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoy the rest of the e3 showcases and write-ups and as always let us know what you think about the Bethesda E3 showcase and what you are looking forward to the most in the comment section below.