May 30, 2023

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BFF Or Die Review



BFF Or Die is an indie game by developers ASA Studio.  It is a top down puzzle game where players have to navigate mazes through single screen levels solving puzzles in order to open doors and collect all the items within the level and open the gate to the next one.  There are 30 levels in total and the game can be played solo or co-operatively for up to 4 players.  It is available on Steam for Windows PCs and Mac OS for £14.99 which is a little steep for what this game has to offer in my opinion so I would recommend waiting on a sale under £10 seems a bit more like it for me.






Graphics, Music & Sound

Graphics in BFF Or Die are fine for what the game is.  Nothing extraordinary but pleasant enough with nice colourful sprites for the characters and the levels look nice with some nice use of colour and lighting that makes it a joy to play.  Music is similarly good just not exceptional but does a decent job accompanying the gameplay as do the sound effects.  Players play as little time travelling aliens that look cute and all but aren’t particularly memorable.  Enemies are just ok as well and serve their purpose whilst again being instantly forgettable when you have stopped playing BFF Or Die.


The whole game is fun but fairly forgettable stuff with decent graphics, music & sound but there are certainly a lot of better games out there.  However, if you do like these sort of puzzle games, like me, you will enjoy BFF Or Die.  Just don’t go expecting anything special from it.







The levels themselves are well designed with neat well thought out puzzles.  Controls are very simple too.  You move the left stick to move your character and move the right stick to control different things you need to help your little alien dude through the levels like a light to light up a dark room as seen above or a crane you can use to pick up your alien or enemies and move them where you need to.  As I have already said the game has 30 levels which are single screen puzzle rooms that’ll maybe take you a few minutes for each level.  So you’re looking at just a few hours to play through all of them.  To be honest I was starting to lose interest after the first 15 or so.  To start with new ideas and mechanics are introduced but it all starts to feel a bit same after a while and I became bored before the end.  There wasn’t any of the levels I felt were particularly memorable and left me feeling like I had just done something epic.  It’s a fairly sedate affair but it is fairly relaxing.  So if you are looking for a simple relaxing puzzle game that isn’t too taxing then BFF Or Die might be for you.








BFF Or Die is a fine little puzzle game that is very easy for players of all skill levels to pick up and play.  It offers 30 levels of fun puzzle rooms if a little forgettable and is a very sedate and relaxing experience.  Up to 4 players co-op is a welcome addition and the game plays great in co-op or solo modes.  The graphics and sound are fine if nothing spectacular with fun but forgettable alien characters both player characters and enemies.  The game is a little on the steep side at £14.99, I would recommend waiting on a sale as the game can be finished in just a few hours and offers little reason to replay levels you have already finished.  I should also mention the game offers full controller support and is fairly scalable for low end PCs.  I played it on a 2107 MacBook Air that meets the minimum specs on Steam and the game ran fine at low graphics settings 900p.



Above Average


Publisher: ASA Studio

Developer: ASA Studio

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS (reviewed)

Release Date: Out Now

RRP: £14.99