April 1, 2023

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Bravo Team – PSVR Review


by Ben Thompson
Bravo Team is a PSVR game developed by Supermassive Games who are most well known for their recent outputs such as The Inpatient, Until Dawn and its VR counterpart
Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood.
Let’s get started then. Firstly it is a game definitely focused on cooperative gameplay. I played through the game alone because I could not find a partner online to play with. That could be because my internet connection is a bit shoddy or they have server issues their end. I played my single player experience on the normal difficulty and damn, it does show how much this game needs to be played co-op. The AI is sometimes brilliant but most of the time it’s dreadful. I found myself getting killed because my partner was none existent at times because they’d glitched into a wall back in an earlier part of the level and wouldn’t even listen to the command I was giving them and was really frustrating.
Gameplay wise it is solid. It really needs to be experienced with the Aim controller because this game was not built for the Move controllers even though you can use them if you wish. Controls are pretty simplistic, you aim and fire. You use L1 to pop out of a cover and X to move between cover.

There is also a real lack of variety of weapons. You have and primary assault rifle, a pistol and a shotgun, the shotgun of which you’ll have to swap your rifle to gain and the length between being able to swap weapons again is quite long so you could be stuck with a shotgun in an area you desperately need a rifle. The pistol has unlimited ammo but when it comes to armoured enemies and at distance, it’s pretty useless.
Another frustration is the bloody mini cut scenes that seem to take forever when you need to jump over something. At times it will take about 4 seconds all while you’re getting shot at and have no control of your character which leaves you helpless and sometimes be resulting in a frustrating death and be having to start the mission far back because of the checkpoint system is awful.
Graphics wise the game is ok, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing but it’s your typical run of the mill bland shooter. Fight on a bridge, fight in a warehouse, fight on a rooftop etc. I’ve played many VR games since having a PS4 and for a lot less money I’ve seen more effort put into visuals and their game mechanics.

I left the story for last as it barely needs a paragraph to explain. Bravo Team get shot down, have to fight their way through loads of enemies, something goes tits up and they
have to save a hostage. Simple as that.
Overall quite disappointed seeing as Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood was a good VR shooter from Supermassive Games and Bravo Team was a big step down. The only hope I could
think of playing this game was that can someone make a new House Of The Dead or Time Crisis for VR but keep the simple gameplay elements that they have or at least do it better than Bravo Team. It’s an ok game at best but that’s all I can say really.
Price: £24.99/£54.99 (with aim controller)