March 28, 2023

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Destiny Shadowkeep

Bungie Release The Moon and Beyond Developer Documentary.

In preparation for the Shadowkeep expansion to Destiny 2 that arrives on the 1st October. Bungie released a 10-minute developer documentary to discuss the changes that lay ahead.

By Badger Nimahson

In preparation for the Shadowkeep expansion to Destiny 2 that arrives on the 1st October. Bungie released a 10-minute developer documentary to discuss the changes that lay ahead.

The opening minute of the video features the Destiny dev team talking passionately about Destiny and providing content for core fans of the game.

It is no secret the Bungie has recently broken ties with Activision and becomes an independent developer. You get the sense that that break has really freed up the dev team to create the Destiny that they and fans always envisioned.

The way the dev team speak in the documentary gives the feeling that Destiny is about to undergo some massive changes. Shadowkeep isn’t going to be just an expansion to Destiny 2 it is going to set the roadmap for the next 5 years of Destiny.


Shadowkeep’s setting

Shadowkeep will see players return to the moon, for the first time since Destiny 1, after Eris Morn makes an important discovery. A discovery that not only affects Destiny 2 right now but promises to have a major impact a year from now.

Shadowkeep will see Guardians plagued by Nightmares. A manifestation of the trauma of guardians who have returned to the moon. They even take on the form of enemies from the past.

In quite a bold claim, Justin Truman – Production Director for Destiny 2, states that Shadowkeep is not just an addition of new missions but will change the whole solar system and how you play Destiny 2.


Armour and Weapon Changes

As well as gameplay overall, armour and weapons have had a massive overall too. Dubbed “Armour 2.0” the character sheet in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will feature more stats, mods and deeper character builds so that every piece of armour affects your Guardian and how it plays.

The new weapons in Shadowkeep will also have a nightmare function. When nightmares are close by your shamanic weapons will glow to warn you of the nightmare presence.

The documentary also hints that Destiny 2 will no longer be reliant on Random Loot Generator as you can build your own rewards at the rune table and be in complete control of your Guardians build.


Seasons of Change

Shadowkeep will set a new tone for Destiny 2 has the future expansions will no longer be separate but the continuation of a story. The aim is that by giving players a purpose and a sense of involvement in how the events are shaped they will create a vibrant and connected universe.

Giving a sense of achievement and even historical importance to events, developers hope that players will feel a deeper connection to Destiny than ever before.


New Ways to Play

Shadowkeep sees the introduction of Artefacts. A way to increase your power after completing endgame content.

Artefacts allow Guardians to increase their power above and beyond the limit of their gear by taking on new modes such as the Nightfall Ordeal mode, Raid challenges and Dungeons.

The Dungeon featured in Shadowkeep is called Deep Within the Moon. This will see Guardians fight their way down a lunar chasm whilst avoiding traps along the way.

Deep Within the Moon aims to offer players the “raid experience” in a fireteam of 3 Guardians.

PvP Changes

Shadowkeep will see the return of Destiny 1 maps to the Crucible as well as Elimination mode in Crucible Labs.


An Evolving World

Shadowkeep will use season 8 of Destiny to begining telling a story that will continue through seasons 9 and 10 before culminating in season 11. The development team hope for this roadmap is to give players a sense of involvement. A feeling that their actions impact upon the world and hope that by the end of season 11 the will have created an evolving world in Destiny.

Personal Thoughts

Has someone who sank 100’s of hours into Destiny 1 but wasn’t interested in Destiny 2 at all I have to admit this documentary resonated with me.

The passion, love and conviction that the development team speak with really awoke something in me that wants to return to that world. If they can achieve everything they talk about in the documentary then Destiny could in fact be bloody amazing.

You genuinely get the sense that Shadowkeep isn’t an expansion. From the way the developers talk it might as well be a complete reboot! Gone are the shackles of Activision. Now we get to see Bungie’s creativity and vision.

Shadowkeep releases on October 1st 2020. I might just start on Destiny 2 tonight, you know, just in case…