Car Mechanic Simulator


by Richard Winstone

Car Mechanic Simulator comes to PS4 for 2018, step aside Gas Monkey!

Whooooo. Ok, so how fun can a simulator about fixing car be? The simple answer to this one really, absolutely oil pans (buckets) full of fun. From car nuts to newbies this game is for everyone and to think it is not is criminal!

Now I worked as a mechanic, I restored classics before getting into motorsport so I know my way around, which is why I sat next to my brother in law, who knows a car has 5 wheels and that’s about it, to get his take on this as well.

Car Mechanic

I need to complement the visuals, not only are the graphics stunning, the parts, rust, the damage are all hanging from the walls. The layout of the parts store website are almost photorealistic, there is nothing better than a shiny new set of pipes on your lasts work.​

Car Mechanic

So what the game about? You are an owner of a car garage, you have to accept jobs fix them to the standard required by the owner and slowly build up your skills, your tools and eventually your car collection.

In typical new mechanic fashion, you start off with simple tasks with fault lists, change oil and filters, new tires and gradually you build up. Diagnosing issues, dealing with suspension rebuilds, bodywork, and even painting and chassis restoration. The progression is very linear and even with little to no knowledge you will be stripping engines down within a few hours, the fundamentals of the cars and their faults are realistic. Ok the more complex issues like stripping an engine and rebuilding it are very simplified, but it would give you the knowledge you need to change your breaks and a good understanding of faults that arise on your own car, so even for personal educational purposes, this simulator is good.

​As you progress you expand your garage and even start buying cars of your own, this element I loved! Going to the junkyard and looking for a car to restore, or visiting a barn all dark and dirty seeing if there is a hidden treasure or a complete lemon hiding in a corner.

Car Mechanic

For the car fans out there I’m sure you have heard of Gas Monkey Garage and their TV Show “Fast’n’loud”, well after many hours that’s what I did. I turned my humble little garage into a resto-mod shop building up barn finds, swapping out the engines for more powerful ones and I was loving every minute, making huge profits and expanding my own personal collection.

With over 40 cars currently in the game granted only a few are licensed but all are recognizable classics to current sports cars and daily drivers. Red Dot Games have really made a fun and inspired simulator here, the visuals are fantastic, the realism is enough for a mechanic to appreciate and a non-car guy to learn and understand.

Car Mechanic

There is just one thing that lets this title down, you can take the cars for a drive (not that this game is about driving), but the driving mechanics are well… Let’s say there is room for improvement, but don’t let that put you off this game is about the journey not the end result and I would still recommend this game to anyone.

​This game is Hive Approved 8/10
Fun, accessible, has longevity, educational the only let down is the driving mechanics.