June 7, 2023

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Car mechanic simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator

The first thing I want to say About car mechanic simulator is, there’s more than meets the eye. Although there are instructions for the game

Review By Danni

I’m not much of a car enthusiast but I went into this game with an open mind and to my surprise not only do you get to work on a variety of cars, but you also get to manage your own garage.

The first thing I want to say about Car mechanic simulator is there’s more than meets the eye. Although there are instructions for the game it’s not until you are just about to complete the task that you will be given help.

My first car needed an oil change. Easy enough to do when the car is off the ground however, getting the car in the air was the hard part.

Eventually, after spending several minutes running up to every object and trying to figure out how to move the car it became blatantly obvious, you just select the car and click move and unbeknown to me there were two lifters behind the branded curtains.

Car mechanic simulator

Car mechanic simulator is the perfect game for someone who loves simulations or loves car mechanics. The tasks and build of the cars are incredibly accurate and, even though the graphics aren’t the same standard as the graphics you get in more modern games, you don’t even notice let alone care about it the slightly less realistic curtains.

Unfortunately, whilst this is a great game, I don’t think it was particularly well suited to the Nintendo Switch.

I completely understand what Red Dot Games were trying to do when bringing it to the Switch but whilst you do benefit from the portability of the game, it does compromise the accuracy when playing in handheld mode.

Car mechanic simulator

For example, when trying to disassemble the smaller parts of the car such as the clips which hold together the air filter cover, it takes a lot of time and precision to actually get the spanner over the clips to be able to remove them. Perhaps a zoom option or making use of the touchscreen features would have been beneficial?

Whilst you can definitely put a lot of hours into this game if you enjoy mechanics, it does get slightly repetitive when you’ve played it for long enough.

Car mechanic Simulator

There are only a certain number of cars and a certain amount of tasks that can be performed. When playing I had three oil changes and although the cars were different, all the oil trays and filters are the same and their location in the car and how you access them is the same.

To be honest, I would say this is definitely worth buying if you are interested in cars and at £14.99 it’s a good investment, however, if you’re not that interested in cars I would probably recommend giving this game a miss.

My overall rating for this game is 4/10

however; a car enthusiast or motorhead would probably rate this game higher.