April 1, 2023

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Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2 is Almost Purrfect

I want to start off by mentioning I took on this game with zero prior knowledge of the series, which includes never playing the first cat quest so this was an entirely new and blind experience for me.

By Vastro

Cat Quest 2 is an RPG played in a top-down perspective, published by The Gentlebros & PQube. It is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I want to start off by mentioning I took on this game with zero prior knowledge of the series, which includes never playing the first cat quest so this was an entirely new and blind experience for me.


In the beginning, you are thrown into a world of cats and dogs, quite literally, where you take control of the previous king of the dogs and king of the cats who need to fight and overthrow the current rulers of their respective race. Sounds simple, but trust me I got deeply sucked into the story as well as the side quests while playing this amazingly quirky game. 

Cat Quest 2

After completing this I was hit by two things, first was an overwhelming need to go and play the first Cat Quest, and the second was excitement for any future Car Quest games.

Cat Quest 2


The game is a very simple yet well-executed RPG, you level up by completing dungeons, challenges, quests/side quests and from just killing enemies. As your level increases so do your basic stats, though the main aspect of your characters power advancement mainly comes from gear which is acquired from chests and quests as you progress through the game, with each set of gear containing its own unique set of stats and skills.

Gear can basically be sorted into two categories, spellcaster or fighter. While specific pairings will complement one another to gear your character as one or the other, they can also be mixed and matched to allow you to create your own personalised play experience. Additionally, you can upgrade all your weapons and armour by spending money or finding duplicates of that gear out in the world, so you don’t have to ditch your favourite gear just because something better comes along. It is also super fast and simple to open up the menu and swap gear at any time to suit your needs.

Cat Quest 2
Some of the various armor and weapons you can aquire

As mentioned you play as both the dog and cat so if you are playing solo you can swap freely between the two, or you can play on co-op and have a friend take control of the other character to aid you on your quest to save the world.

Lastly, as you progress along on your journey you will come across a wide variety of spells to assist you in combat, both offensive and defensive magic that each hero can be equipped with a limit of 4 each at any given time. Much like gear, it is very simple and fast to swap said spells around at any time.

Cat Quest 2

As far as actual combat goes it is super simple, smash and dodge haha, learning some of the monsters moves and avoiding them mid-combat will be crucial for some of the higher level dungeons and challenges in the game, don’t let the cute adorable graphics and simplistic nature fool you! 

P.s – There is a hedgehog-like creature that will more or less one-shot you near the end game as an optional boss, I dare you to take him on! I managed to beat him, can you!?

Extra Notes

  • You can play this game on PC with mouse and keyboard or with a controller if you prefer.
  • Side quests are super adorable and fun, I 100% recommend doing them all, they are also one of the best ways to level/gear up if you’re having issues.
  • Be ready for an unholy amount of cat and dog puns, I cannot express that enough.

Overall – 9/10

I enjoyed every moment I played this game. The story had me gripped all the way through and the side quests/extra silly things were amazingly fun. I couldn’t believe something so simple managed to get ahold of my attention and focus for so long, so much so that I went away and bought the first one as soon as I finished.