June 7, 2023

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Catch a duck

Catch a Duck

Catch a duck is a funny, hand-drawn game. Developed and published by All Those Moments and Ultimate games, The game was made in 2012 by four guys.

Review By Jodie Anderson

Catch a duck is a funny, hand-drawn game. Developed and published by All Those Moments and Ultimate games, The game was made in 2012 by four guys. This is there first 100% indie game that they had ever made.

Face the challenges of catching a duck in a funny, child set-out hand-drawn forest, where you have to figure out how to outsmart the hunters, avoiding the wolf and the bear and other objects in your way.

Catch a duck

The fox has to catch the duck to get past each level which will unlock achievements and take you to the next level. As well as doing this you get stars to collect on each level which will boost your score up.

At level one, you think oh this is easy just as you thought it would be, like how hard is it to catch a duck? I soon realized as you pass each level the game gets more complicated with the wolf and the bear which try to avoid as they defeat you but you can use them to your advantage by causing them to get into a brawl.

Catch a duck

Each level has stars to collect to boost your score up as well as the smaller animal that is in the bushes including the duck you need to catch to finish the level.

Sniff them out and eat them they give you more points to add to your score just be carefully which bushes you sniff out as the bear or a wolf could be hiding in one of them too. The high grass and the rough terrain slow you down so try to miss these areas as you may need to be quick to move.

You can also hide out in the broken trees with the big hole in, they hide you and help you not get defeated by the big animals or the huntsman that can shoot and kill you from a distance. On some levels there are some underground tunnels, go through these to get to the other side.

Catch a duck

When you reach certain levels there will be a few snares, avoid running into these and use them to guide the wolf or bear into them. If you do get defeated or run into a snare the level is failed and you after restart that level again.

The controls are the usual PC keyboard keys to move is up, down, left and right. to go through the underground tunnels use the space bar.

Catch a duck

As much as catch a duck is difficult and really frustrating at times I actually found it funny and challenging even though it had taken me a while to get past level 3, You have to use your brain and figure the best routes /paths to take to avoid the bigger animals and dangerous objects.

When I first started playing catch the duck I thought oh this is going to be easy in fact it’s actually not but it is good for the brain as you’ve got to figure out what next moves you take.

All that being said I did find the fox to move a little slow which got me killed a few times. apart from that I did enjoy playing this game and doing the challenges.

The score given is 7/10