Coffee Crisis – Nintendo Switch Review


Review by Kerith Busby

Coffee Crisis was an original release back in 2017 by Mega cat studios which was made for sega genesis/mega drive as a physical cartridge and for PC it has come to a new home on the switch.

Coffee Crisis begins with a tin hat topped gent called Yinzer explaining what is happening in the world and tells you all about a race of evil aliens called the Smurgliens who have been watching the earth for years. In their time watching the earth they have decided the best that we have to offer as a race is the world wide web, metal music and coffee. It is at this point the black forge coffee house is about to have a bad day.

Nick and Ashley the baristas in the black forge (the most metal coffee house you could hope for) suddenly have the alien Roy and his mates rock up demanding that they had over their metal. The result of this is that they pick up sacks of coffee beans and metal coffee jugs and have at the aliens and fight them off, only for their General Duke to storm in and see the poster for skinny chest knee and decide that is the best place to start.

After their first encounter, Nick and Ashley decided to see what the aliens are planning at the concert, but they are prepared with Demon blend VI coffee which contains the six-demon blend of coffee which Ashley explains is made from Darkness, Fireand everything else metal.

Coffee Crisis gameplay is going to take you back to the golden days of side-scrolling brawlers such as golden axe and streets of rage, you can play it solo or with a friend, as you get to choose between Nick and Ashely in 1 player or you take control of one each in 2 players. You share the lives in 2 players so make sure you are supporting each other in fights because if one of you uses all the lives you’re both done for.

Coffee Crisis has gone back to the old school days of passwords for each level so if you take note of them even if you do die you can jump straight back to the level you were on with a new set of lives and start taking the fight to the aliens all over again.

The controls are simple and well explained as you start Coffee Crisis , it works well playing in handheld mode as well as playing it on the tv with no issues found while I have been playing the game, I do feel the game is a lot more forgiving in 2 player mode compared to 1 player as I have discovered while playing with a friend as I get the feeling you get the same number of enemies regardless of the number of players.

As you move through the levels you can smash up certain things like barrels etc to find power-ups, health and extra points so keep an eye out for anything you think can be broken down as thoseitems will be essential to keep you ploughing on through the levels.

All in all this is a fantastic game which is great with a friend and really takes you back to the games of old but it looks a lot cleaner than the old school games and has a much better more metal soundtrack, I get the feeling this is going to be a game myself and friends will be coming back to time and time again to play as it is a good laugh for older and younger gamers alike.

I would give this an 8/10 so take a look at it guys and hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as me

Overall Score  8/10