March 29, 2023

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CrashLands – Nintendo Switch Review

Crashlands is a story-led crafting RPG that was originally released in Jan 2016 that was developed and published by the guys at butterscotch shenanigans

Review By Kerith Busby

Crashlands is a story-led crafting RPG that was originally released in Jan 2016 that was developed and published by the guys at butterscotch shenanigans (frankly an awesome name in itself) which was later released to mobile and now finally they have found their way onto the Nintendo Switch.

If your after a serious inventory management game where you need to carefully manage every piece of salvage or building material you find this game is not for you, it’s fun easy to play and it explains everything well. With no limit to the materials you can carry it makes life so much easier where you can craft new armour and weapons to aid you in your way through what is frankly a GIGANTIC map, I’m not kidding I played this game for hours and hours and when I zoomed all the way out I had barely visited any of the map at all.


The game begins when your character Flux Dabes is trying to complete a delivery in her spaceship when the Megalomaniacal Hewgodooko turns up to ruin the day when it tears your ship apart looking for useful technology, this results in you crash landing on the planet’s surface and needing to find a way of getting back off the planet to finish your delivery before they dock your pension and of course you want to live. You won’t be short of quests in the game as the inhabitants of the planet are useless and need you to help them a lot, but that’s not a problem because the characters all have very different personalities and will keep you chuckling away to yourself as you help them with murder or sometimes fetch or delivery quests.

There is a variety of creatures and crafting materials you need to find from chopping down trees to milking wompits, along with the fact you can collect the eggs of some creatures when they die and raise their offspring to fight alongside you brings in a fun element to Crashlands. Especially when you can get the materials to build power boosts to embiggen them.


The combat and crafting system is easy to get to grips withand the controls are easily laid out. Crashlands talks you through everything as you work through the early game. You can also use the touch screen if that is gonna be more to your liking so you have a variety of options of how you would rather control the game.

The look and style of the Crashlands take me back to playing games on sites like newgrounds etc when I was younger so definitely tugged on some nostalgia strings for me I will admit. You can easily lose yourself in this game for hours before you realise how long you have been on it. There is a variety of weapons, bombs, armour and gadgets you unlock and develop as you move through the game. Something else I found amazingly helpful given the sheer size of this game is there is a lot of teleport pads dotted around the map which at first I thought was excessive until I saw the sheer size of the game.


I would highly recommend the game as it is a lot of fun and will keep you busy for weeks looking at the map I would give it 8/10 and I am just sad I didn’t find this gem a long time ago. Just bare in mind this is not gonna be your typical serious survival crafting game when purchasing.

Overall Score 8/10