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Review by Bobby “Biscuit Hipster” Davies

Day 1 of Cryofall: I’m trying to build my house but there’s an angry boar inside who’s guarding all my stuff. It’s mine and he won’t let me back in without attacking me. Send help.


Fresh on to Early Access is Cryofall, a 200 player survival game from Atomic Torch. The premise is the same as others in this genre, craft weapons, shelter, and equipment to stay alive whilst also managing hunger and thirst. It’s PvP though so other players may not want to play nice and may just see you as a walking treasure chest.


Day 3 of Cryofall: I’ve got walls, doors, everything to keep myself sustaining on this planet, and the boar is now outside my house. Send help.

This is the perfect game for people who have always wanted a PvP survival title but haven’t wanted to deal with the pendulous dongs of Conan Exiles or the processor hunger of Rust on a mid-low end machine. The 2.5D viewpoint really makes it stand out from the competition and is also a fantastic tool for kiting wolves, snakes, boars, and strange two-legged komodo dragons away from the precious resources you’re trying to gather.

Seeing as Cryofall has only just come into Early Access, the community seems incredibly supportive seeing as the game often doesn’t do the best job of explaining itself or its mechanics. I’ve often found myself looking in the wrong menu when I want to Craft or Construct something, although given a few more hours I can’t see that being a problem at all. Within an hour or so of playing a friendly player approached me, offered some help and advice and invited me to join his clan and help each other harvest resources. Too right I joined up, with a plan to betray them later and steal all the fruit.


Day 3.5 of Cryofall: The Yoghurt King has killed the boar whilst I tended to my fruits. RIP Harvey. I knew him well.

Graphically, I’d describe Cryofall as cute. The kind of hand-drawn, cartoonish style makes your survival all that much harder though as you’re not going to want to kill the adorable chickens or pangolins that roam the map, and you’ll spend too much time laughing at another player’s tiny stetson as he chases you back home with his brand new musket.

As with all survival games you’re going to be grinding up all your skills by cutting endless trees, mining endless resources, and cooking endless meals. Start with wooden and stone tools and work your way up to literal laser rifles and space-age armour. My god do the future weapons look good, but for the meantime, I’ll just be here with my cucumber farming empire.

If you fancy a second job or a project game that’s easier on the eye than others in its genre then you really can’t do much better than this. With an incredible roadmap and plans for more PvE elements for the antisocial player Cryofall is most certainly worth it.

8/10: Tons of fun, with plenty more to come.

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