May 30, 2023

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New Dakar 18 Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Features


Dakar 18 developers Big Moon Entertainment have released a new trailer for the game which is releasing on PS4, Xbox One & PC on 28 September 2018.  In the Dakar 18 Features Trailer they show off the game’s features for driving across the variable and harsh terrain of the Dakar rally.  Racing across an open world with wide open areas to race across.  Dakar 18 looks set to offer something quite a bit different to other open world racers with a unique setting as well as the official licenses of the real life Dakar Rally championship.  The game will also feature a range of vehicles from rally cars, off-road trucks and buggies and dirt bikes offering a range of different options and experiences to players.


The game will feature 14 official stages set across Peru, Bolivia & Argentina.  Players can race offline in the single player campaign and online in fierce battles with other players around the world.