Dangerzone 2 – Review


Anyone who played Burnout 3 will probably have extremley fond memories of the amazing crash junctions. Well, I’m here to let you know that the developers responsible for those joyous junctions are now at Three Fields Entertainment and have brought us a game that is pure crash craziness.
Dangerzone 2 doesn’t waste time with any story at all. It is aware of what it is and why you are playing so they don’t attempt to shoehorn any story into the game. You’re here to crash and earn high scores. Do you really need a reason why?
Dangerzone 2 is a pure and honest game. It offers you high speed, full action crashes and that is exactly what you get. No story, no car customisation. Heck, you don’t even get to select which car you use.
Each junction has its car already selected especially for that junction and comes with a run-up objective. If you can complete this objective before you reach the crash junction you will receive a £250,000 bonus towards your score.
Danger Zone 2
Once you reach the junction its time to hurl your speeding tons of metal into the path of oncoming vehicles, rack up a score based on the damage you cause and generally just really ruin the day of innocent drivers whilst you laugh maniacally.
As with Burnout 3, the junctions also contains monetary bonuses and crash breakers to collect.  The crash breakers can then be used to explode your car and ride the shockwave to hit more cars and further up your score.
All in all each level takes about a minute to complete and tracks not only your high score but the number of attempts it took you to achieve it.  You can then see where you stand in the global rankings and amongst your friends.
Dangerzone 2 is a wonderful game that captures the fun and difficulty of crash junctions. Hitting oncoming traffic at full speed is great fun and hitting the bronze target is quite easy. When you decide to get platinum on all the junctions it is then that the depth and difficulty of Dangerzone 2 really shines.
Priced at an incredible £14.99 on the PSN store this is a gem of a gem that should sit in every digital collection.
Overall Score – 7/10

3 Replies to “Dangerzone 2 – Review”

  1. I have to say although me and my wife had a lot of fun with the crash mode in the Burnout games (which is a rare occurrence she takes an interest in playing a game with me). It was a fun little extra thing I don’t really want a full game of it but I do hope they find enough success with this to one day make a new Burnout in all but name.

  2. Whilst I love the crash junctions in Burnout you do get the sense of a missing game here. Crashing for the sake of it is fun for a time but I think the crash junctions worked well as a distraction from racing.
    Danger zone 2 is a great little gem of a game and at £14.99 is perfectly priced. Hopefully it leads to a full blown successor to Burnout.

    1. Hope so. This has just reminded me Burnout Revenge is back compatible on Xbox One now. Have to see about tracking down a copy that was my favourite Burnout.

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