April 1, 2023

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*HUGE Update* David Vonderhaar shoots on Activision & President then deletes twitter account!


Just over 6 hours ago we were one of the first that broke the news to announce that David “Vahn” Vonderhaar has departed from the COD Franchise and now it seems almost beyond all doubt that he has parted from Activision aswell. Vahn has taken to twitter, first to attack trump in a very strong way which was surprising as he usually kept a distance from politics…

Vahn with an uncharacteristically strong attack on the United States president

He then appears to take a swipe at Activision by saying that he had no control over the Call of Duty franchise since Black Ops 2 and as we told you recently Call of Duty 4: Blackout the only game mode he has been involved with recently…

Vahn takes what is certainly an outspoken point of view against Activision

It’s also worth noting that he does not defend Call of Duty black ops 3 or 4 in the tweet. The Link to our first article on David Vonderhaar leaving can be found here. We have yet to have any official word or press report from Activision though we have contacted them directly. We appreciate all the comments on everything we post. Make sure to hit us up in all of the usual social media haunts and stay close to us on facebook for the latest in breaking news.

EDIT: David Vonderhaar has now vanished from twitter and his account appears deleted.