June 7, 2023

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Deiland – PS4 Review


By Leeon Stevens

After quite a few hours of fun gameplay with Deiland, I think Chibig studios did an amazing job in building a modern twist to the classic adventure sandbox genre. Complete with a gripping storyline and a fun free roam. With aspects of roleplaying and simulation, Deiland would appeal to players of multiple genres.


The story follows a young boy called, Arco who is sent to awaken the magic within his planet. While running around keeping his planet safe you are also challenged with a sense of a simulation. From chopping trees down to waiting for crops to grow. To compliment the simulation side of Deiland chibig studios implemented a no rush quest line. Although sometimes you need to keep an eye on certain timings which creates a nice balance.



Deiland has alot of potential for the future, the twist they have impliented with making the planets more controllable than most adventure sandbox games. With the planet always at the bottom of your screen giving the impresson that the game hasĀ  alot to explore. I find this to be a fresh technique which will and has been accepted by alot of adventure sandbox players. Deiland lay out is really good and clear. I believe this would be to widen the target audience Chibig studios wanted to go for. As well as making the time spent in menus less. With the simple but enjoyable gameplay, Chibig studios really hit the nail on the head when they released Deiland. The gripping storyline, beautiful visuals and easy to play makes it one of the best sandbox games this year.


Although this game has alot of positives it isnt without fault. Due to a spanish to english translation issue, Chibig made a few dialogue mistakes. If a member of the development team was fluent in english the few grammar mistakes wouldnt of happened. An example of this is ‘I have not any orders now’ the translation issues arent bad, with this type of game a lot could go wrong. So a couple of grammar mistakes could easily be missed whilst being emerged in the game.

Another negative of this would have to be the amount of time needed to grind. Some people would enjoy it for its sense of accomplishment. Some players wouldn’t like it due to the fact you need to wait a lot of time for plants and trees to grow. Although they are multiple thngs you could do wthin the wait I still found myself waiting around to collect cotton to be able to make rope.

The crafting side to the game fits in well with what you need to do for the character quests I found a certain smoothness with balancing the resource collecting and progression in the storyline.


When I think of Deiland, the graphics is the main thing that comes to mind with the easy to remember characters and still animations. throughout playing Deiland you will come across some effects that really put the cherry on the top with this game from spaceship boosters blasting to the slow sunrise and sunsets.

All in all this adventure sandbox wont have you on the end of your seats but the gripping storyline and many awesome features will have you wanting to play til early hours dont just take my opinion on this, the low amount they ask for you to own Deiland is definitly worth it.


Overall Score – 7/10