March 29, 2023

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Qubic Giveaway

Do You Want 10 free Nintendo Switch Games? Of Course You Do!

Qubic Games have just announced that for their 15th year anniversary they are giving away a whopping 10 games in 10 days!
by Badger Nimahson

Qubic Games have just announced that for their 15th year anniversary they are giving away a whopping 10 games in 10 days!

That’s right 10 free games on Nintendo Switch! Free, Nada, Gratis! It’s like a digital gaming advent calendar that you wont want to miss out on!

So how do you take part and grab your free games I hear you scream? Gather round children and listen close…

Step 1

Download any Qubic Game from the Nintendo estore before December 15th. Oh and they just happen to have a sale on at the moment so grab yourself one of the following:

  • Blazing Beaks – £2.99
  • Warlocks 2 : Godslayers – £1.79
  • Not Not: A Brain Buster – £0.99
  • Rimelands: Hammer of Thor – £4.99
  • Mini trains – £0.99
  • Shipped – £2.99
  • Akane – £0.99
  • Soul Searching – £4.99
  • Coffee Crisis – £1.99
  • Utopia 9 – £0.99
  • Unit 4 – £1.49
  • Brawl – £0.99

If none of these indie titles take your fancy then you can always download Colouring Book from the estore for free and still be eligible for the giveaway!

Colouring Book by Qubic Games
Colouring Book is free on the eStore

Step 2

Download your free copy of Robonauts Between today and the 15th Dec

Step 3

Download your free game everyday for the next 9 days…

  • December 16th – Geki Yabba Runner
  • December 17th – Puzzle Book
  • December 18th – One Strike
  • December 19th – Wrecking Ball Adventure
  • December 20th – Koloro
  • December 21st – #RaceDieRun
  • December 22nd – Rekt
  • December 23rd – Mana Spark
  • December 24th – Mystery Game to be Confirmed.

The Catch?

As with everything in life there is a catch. But this is Qubic Games so it isn’t a massive one. You MUST download each game on the day it is available or else you break the chain.

For example if you want to download One Strike on the 18th of December for free you must have downloaded the previous three games to your account (Robonauts, Geki Yaba Runner, Puzzle Book).

If you missed a game and broke the chain you can purchase the game from the eshop and begin the chain again from that point.

And thats it! That is all you need to do to grab yourself 10 (technically 11) free games from Qubic this holiday period and try out some brilliant indie titles.

Will you be taking advantage of Qubic Games anniversary giveaway? Do you already own any of the free titles and want to give us your thoughts? As always let us know in the comments below