June 7, 2023

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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal – Review

I was bouncing with excitement, like a kid on Christmas Morning. I went straight into it, no hanging about. I wanted to rip and tear my way through.
by Ed Gray

My first thoughts when I heard that Doom Eternal was being released was that I was VERY excited, and I couldn’t wait to play it. Especially after I heard that it was delayed for 4 very long months. Bethesda and id Software teased us with its release only to take it away from us a month before the release date, extending the torture to us.

At the 2019 Games Critics Awards Doom Eternal was named as the Best of E3 2019 with Best Action Game and Best PC Game, which I quite rightly agree with and they are very well deserved.

Upon starting Doom Eternal, I was ready to rip and tear the crap out of some demons. I had it on pre-order, so it was available to me from midnight, however I managed to last 11 hours before I caved into the beauty of what was about to be before me.

Getting into Doom Eternal, I was bouncing with excitement, like a kid on Christmas Morning. I went straight into it, no hanging about. I wanted to rip and tear my way through.

Playing Doom Eternal, I wasn’t thinking, I was way too engrossed in the game! It’s like my mind and hands went into autopilot and the next few hours were a blur for me. So, I’ll skip to the end of the gaming session to tell you what I felt and thought.

Doom Eternal

When I came off, I wanted to carry on and play more. I didn’t want to stop playing, the thing that stopped me was that I had just played 5 hours straight of the game and needed to come back to reality for a while.

There were so many Easter eggs from the original Doom which kept the original story within the depths of the game. However, if you didn’t play the original Doom, you probably wouldn’t have noticed them. You can play Doom 1 and 2 within the game too! You can play Doom 1 by doing certain things within Doom Eternal, but Doom 2 requires a password which is hidden somewhere in the bookshelf. There’s an Easter Egg for your faces!

You can customise characters within the game, yourself and the enemies, along with weapons. So you can spice it up a little.

The gameplay levels were so well thought out and the secrets within them were amazing. The parkour factor within the levels were second to none (I admit they did stress me out a little at times when I missed a step which induced a lot of rage from inside.)  The game itself is very fast paced. It didn’t give you any time to think about what you needed to do in terms of fighting. Fast paced balls to the wall action is how I would describe that. At times the controls did feel a little clunky, but this was mainly when you tried to do the parkour.

Doom Eternal

The level design of the game is very well designed, but if you’re not good at thinking on the spot, you can get trapped in a corner in some places.

There are in game secrets including the soundtrack from the original Doom series and Quake! There are cheats that give you all keys, guns, ammo and unlimited ammo. I have not found all these yet! There are also collectible toys and pop figures that you can find throughout the game which I think is rather cool. 

The graphics were stupidly amazing, they went back to their roots with the visuals. It was like we had gone into a time machine and was back into the classic 8-bit days of games but with the newest release from the franchise. Which reminds me, if you had pre-ordered the game, you also got Doom 64 FREE to play as well! Pretty good deal if I say so myself.

The soundtrack was FUCKING AMAZING! As a metal-head anyway I was bound to like it, but I loved it! It really helped with the suspense of the game as you knew something big was going to come when the music really kicked in. Mick Gordon did an amazing job with the soundtrack. It was brutally heavy, personally thought it was better than the Doom 2016 soundtrack.

I would most definitely recommend the game if you re a fan of first-person shooters, love shooting demons, a fan of doom… in fact, just go play it!
I would give Doom Eternal a 10/10 because I personally think it is the game of the year because of the way it was put together. There are no bugs, no glitches, nothing that needs patching up. They can only make it better with the DLC that will be released hopefully some point soon as I have already completed it, within 22 hours. Nothing to do with the lockdown and having nothing else to do at all, I planned on playing this until completed, honest!

The only games that may even scratch the surface of competing with are Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077. But we shall see when these games have been released.

The game is available now to play on all platforms for around £49.99 for the basic game edition. Obviously if you want to pay more, you can get better editions, such as the deluxe edition which I found for £79.99.