EA Access Coming to PS4


by Jonathan Wilkie

It’s Here …… EA access for the PS4.

PS4 users will see EA launch their flagship EA Access across the PS4.  EA who have been closely tied with Microsoft since 2014 originally released EA Access on PC with Origin Access. and then announced it would be coming to Sony PlayStation 4 at E3.

 Matt Bilbey, Executive VP of Strategic Growth was quoted as saying “Our goal is to give players more choice to try and play our games wherever and however they choose and we’re happy to bring the service to PlayStation 4.”  The service which costs £20 a year or £4 a month gives users access to most EA titles and 10% off of future EA purchases.

 EA has recently been going through a turbulent time with “loot boxes” being investigated by several countries and have seen a massive fall in their value of shares.  This could be a step towards repairing their relationship with gamers or more than likely another source of revenue stream as the company prepare for a considerably more aggressive stance regarding their ethics surrounding loot boxes.

Currently, it is not known if the service will launch on the upcoming Google’s Stadia or Nintendo’s Switch However EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in the company’s Fiscal Year Q3 2019 earnings call.   “We have a lot of great content coming in Financial Year 2020, and we’re excited for more players to experience it through our subscription programs across more platforms.”
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EA Access

Stoffel Knows:

What is access?  It’s a gaming Subscription service

How much does it cost?  £4 a month or £20 for a year (current Press announced pricing)

What does it give you?  A library of EA titles to play at leisure, 10% off future purchases

DO I need to be online or a PS+?  No, you only need to be online to download titles and for multiplayer.

So I can play single player modes offline?  Yes.

I have it on Xbox; does that mean I have it on PS4?  No.

Do I have the games forever?  No, only as long as you’re an EA access member.

Disclaimer:  All facts produced are correct at the time of publish,  However by EA’s Terms & Conditions this is liable to change so please if you are going to purchase, Be sure you have read the LATEST terms & Conditions.

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