Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, Can the Necromancer reanimate those who lost interest?


By Richard Winstone

So a little disclaimer from myself, I am a former ESO player, I had the original when it was released and I loved it but lost interest after a few hundred hours and champion level 5 which was the cap. So this was a real test to see if the latest expansion could reignite my love for this game, so let us get into it.

Elsweyr brings back fond memories of Skyrim with the introduction of dragons, and the elder scrolls series has always had a fantastic portrayal of these majestic beasts, they instil fear with their sheer size and power, yet there intellect is high and compelling back stories also leave you in awe and even admiration for them.

And then, of course, the new playable class the Necromancer, using the dark magic of resurrection, these dark rogue mages are known for their power. an obvious chose for a DPS (Damage Per Second) character, but in typical ESO fashion, you have the ability to make your necromancer whatever you want! An undead tank is a great new ultimate ability and is particularly handy in the PvP game modes. The necromancer really does feel and play differently from the mage, its defiantly more tactical with many attacks healing yourself awareness is key to getting the best out of it and you focus down targets with powerful hits and crowd control with your area of effect moves. As you can imagine this allows for the summoning of the dead, leaching, life steal, with the only other new class since launch (the Warden) the necromancer really is a breath of new life and has compelled me to not only play but really get back into the series.

So with the big news out of the way what does Elsweyr bring to the game? A whole new area of the map introducing the home of the Kajit, under rule from an outsider, and with the imminent threat of a powerful necromancer who’s invasion is being assisted by Dragons all this is lead by the as expected compelling storyline we have come to know and love from Zenimax, with tie ins from previous stories in the ESO world. With the addition of new Delves, Dungeon’s and the all-new Sunspire Trial (A 12 player dungeon or raid from similar MMO’s). I have only fought one dragon this far and as we’re not Dragonborn the dragons are just too powerful for you to take on alone, the first contact you severally injure a dragon by hitting it with a ballista, but even grounded and injured the fight was tough and with wild dragons flying around Eslweyr you know these fights are going to get even tougher and I’m looking forward to more interactions with them as I continue to delve deeper back into the world of ESO.

The new story is great, the new area and enemies are different enough to make it interesting but the new class really is the star of the show.

This expansion is Hive Approved 8/10

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