April 1, 2023

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ETHEREAL – PC review


Review by Richard Winstone

ETHERAL- I have never done Yoga while on LSD, But I now know what it would be like…..

ETHERAL should be better known winning numerous awards since it began development


So you control a blob in a 2D world of puzzles, the initial rule you must know is you have free movement left and right only restricted by the walls, vertical movement is restricted as you can only pass through walls. The puzzles gradually increase in difficulty all while the world changes in colours and a series of calm sounds and a very harmonic backing track. The difficulty level gradually increases in a nice linear pace giving subtle hints, inherently the puzzles get difficult but the frustration is pretty much extinguished but the docile tones of the game. All the while the bright colourful world that’s ever changing provides a visual experience that draws you in with its simplicity and beauty.


Every aspect of this game is gentle, calming and as much as personally I don’t particularly like the format, I found myself hours into the game almost unsure on how long I had played and had a genuine calmness. I’m not saying this game is for everyone but its defiantly worth considering its interesting, calming and fun and how indie games should be, it works. I look forward to seeing more projects from Nonsense Arts.

Overall score 6.5/10