March 29, 2023

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Everything PS4: State Of Play 2019

September 24th

STATE OF PLAY 2019: lets keep this as brief as we can, saves my time and your eyes.

MODERN WARFARE show new campaign trailer Captain Price is back, Confirmed Spec Ops survival mode. OCTOBER 12TH

HUMANITY coming 2020 not much info to go on

WATTAN December 2019 (colourful wacky looking title. One for the kids by the looks of it.)

ARISE coming soon (looks very nice, think journey)

LA NOIRE *VR* CASE FILES released today (its VR , it’s made by Rockstar so will likely be a solid title)

MEDIVAL DEMO in store today (play the demo to get Dan’s helmet in the full game)

CIVILISATION VI releases November 22 ( possibly one of the biggest strategy games of all time, be interesting to see how this sits on the ps4)

AFTERPARTY (reminded me of broken sword esque title in the trailer. Party drinking games with satan)  coming soon

LAST OF US 2 21st February 2020!!!! (MAN JW IS HYPED FOR THIS)

PS+ OCTOBER GAMES October MLB baseball 2019 and last of us remastered.

also an exclusive death stranding ps4 console was announced…