March 30, 2023

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Extinction – Xbox One Review


By Kerith Busby
Extinction begins with the backstory being explained about how our main character Avil and his companion Xandra meet and gives your first view of the Ravanni.
The game then drops you into the first level which is also a little bit of a tutorial level which goes through the objective of the game and sets the main story in motion and explains who the main character is and that he is the last of the Sentinels who were an order of warriors that used to hold back the forces of evil.

This is a 3rd person view hack and slash style game, the movement is fast paced and you play as the very acrobatic character you have to fight off jackals (there are different types you will encounter as you progress) while saving the citizens of the city by transporting them through the escape crystals that Xandra has created. In time you will encounter the mighty Ravanni which are giant titan like creatures who will try to destroy the cites that you are defending,
As you move through the levels you will have the main objectives as well as many side quests you can attempt during each level, the more of these you complete and the more people you save etc during the missions you will generate more skill points which you can use to upgrade and teach new skills to your character, these will include health, damage and acrobatic upgrades along with increases to time to teleport the civilians you are trying to save.

The game play is fairly fast pace and learning to make full use of the grappling hook move will be a massive bonus to your ability to fight and move around the levels so much faster. Sadly, the intro level doesn’t really go into to much details regarding the controls and how to create move combos but it does tell you that you can find that information out in the options menu so the ability to find it out is there.
When you encounter new enemies, you have not previously seen it will give you some information to help you with regards to how to tackle them and your companion will pop up to give you advice from time to time.

I found that where the game is fun and enjoyable is in the gameplay. It does tend to get repetitive after a couple of hours as the missions have not over deviated from the same sort of style, the enemies you encounter do start to require different skills in order to defeat but the game itself doesn’t really change its pace at any point, I found that the premise of the game is a little to close to a more popular Attack on Titan and I couldn’t help but feel it was more of a clone of that rather than something new which is a shame
Overall score 5/10 – mostly this low due to the clone issue in my mind