March 30, 2023

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F1 2018 Xbox One X Gameplay – SilverstoneCareer ModeWith Dynamic Weather

Dynamic weather effects shown off here in this Career Mode race at Silverstone with the race progressing from overcast-light rain. Stay tuned for more F1 2018 gameplay coming soon.


Check out this gameplay of F1 2018 running on Xbox One X at Silverstone in Career Mode.  Showing off dynamic weather effects the race starts overcast and proceeds to light rain during the race.  Stay tuned for more awesome F1 2018 gameplay and if you want to check out our full reviews my review of the Xbox One X version is here and James Stephenson’s review of the PS4 version is here.
F1 2018 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this Friday 24th of August 2018.  If you want to preorder the game here are some links for each platform that are affiliated with Hidden Gems and earn a small commission to help us out at no additional cost to you:
Xbox One: