March 30, 2023

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F1 2019 title screen

F1 2019 – Codemasters Greatest F1 game to Date

F1 2019 by Codemasters is here and boy, Codemasters have gone above and beyond this time. I would say is the closest any of us is going to get to actually driving an F1 car!

by Ginner

F1 2019 by Codemasters is here and boy, Codemasters have gone above and beyond this time. I would say is the closest any of us is going to get to actually driving an F1 car!

Let’s just jump straight into the graphics on F1 2019 and I can tell you this straight off that F1 2019 is visually stunning. You notice how life like the track and the cars are and with me been an F1 fanatic you notice the minor detail Codemasters have put in and the effort they have gone to.

You can tell they built each car separately and not just changed the skin of the car, especially when you go to view all the cars. You can compare each one and see the difference with the different lengths of the wings, fins and wheelbases, you can also see how life like it is by looking at drivers faces which they have managed to pull off brilliantly, I was watching qualifying in France and playing F1 2019 and was shocked and impressed with the comparison. I also did a comparison with F1 2018 and 2019 and in all honestly 2018 looks like it is been played on ps3 while 2019 on a ps4 and that is not a dig at the last game because that was excellent this is because of all the team at Codemasters working their socks off!

The main game mode in F1 2019 is career and Codemasters have made this a fully immersive campaign you start in F2 (do not worry you only do a couple of scenarios and a race) then work your way to F1 and you bring your teammate and your F2 rival along the journey of greatness.

There are also the Senna and Prost challenges which let you re-live the intense rivalry between these two legendary drivers.

Codemasters has also upgraded the league system. If you don’t know what the league part is this is where you can race other F1 2019 racers online and join or make leagues to compete to be the best.

next up is the gameplay on F1 2019 and while playing on a steering wheel and pedals is better in my opinion you can also still be competitive using a joypad, it is easier to overtake with the wheel as you can make the minor adjustments a lot better and with the driving assists they have it doesn’t matter if your a complete racer or just a Sunday driver.

Codemasters have built this game to play as good as it looks to the force feedback through the steering wheel feeling all the bumps of the road on street tracks, to the feeling of the vibrations of the apex when you hit them to the rough bumps of the sleeping policemen when you run too deep in to corner and have to take the long way around.

Also you notice all the little things they have put in to the game, like when you have your headset in you can talk to your engineer instead of using your Dpad which is a great help when your in an intense race, to the little bits of your front wing fly up in front of you when you just tap the back of the person in front of you, or when your coming in to pits and you see the camera on the lines filming from above its just simply a pleasure

This bit is normally where I put the pros and the cons but in my honest opinion, F1 2019 does not have any cons I have been trying to find something bad about it and hats off to Codemasters I can not find something to moan about and everything you have read up to now are all the pros.

Ok now having said all of this my final thought would be that F1 2019 is the best F1 game out to date the F1 drivers would be able to use this as a realistic simulator you will put in many hours of fun and enjoyment trying to get faster and faster trying to find that tenth of a second.

I would recommend this to any F1 fan. Also, you don’t need to be an F1 fan to appreciate this game for what it’s worth.
Bravo Codemasters well done
my score for F1 2019?

A Solid 10/10