June 7, 2023

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Family Tree is a cute platformer game set inside tree trunks. Published and developed by eastasiasoft, Infinite State Games.

Review By Danni

Family Tree is a cute platformer game set inside tree trunks. Published and developed by eastasiasoft, Infinite State Games.

The aim of the game is to collect all your children who have been stolen by Pedro the floating skull whilst collecting as many fruit and coins as possible.

The beginning of the family tree game is the backstory. You learn of Pedro, the skull that kidnaps all your children, and then your journey begins.

As with most games, the further you progress the harder the level. The early stages of this game are quite simple but as it’s a vertical platformer, it’s incredibly easy to miss the platform and end up back where you started.

The game is set across the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season has 10 levels and once they’ve been completed, you will get to race Pedro to the next season.

For me, racing Pedro was the hardest part of the game. Unlike the other levels, instead of moving vertically you will move horizontally and use various platforms, bumpers, and enemies to bounce your way to the goal.

Asides from the main levels there is also an endless climb mode where you will travel up the tree trunk until you die (which takes a while).

The controls for the game are easy, you use R and L to move in their respective directions, use the left toggle to aim and use the A button to launch. As you would expect, bouncing off walls and enemies can help you reach your goal or any goodies you see on the way.

As you get further through the season’s cannons start to be introduced into the levels, some of these cannons are stationary whilst others rotate and you must pick the key moment to launch Mr (or Mrs) Fruit into the air.

Enemies don’t play a huge part in this game, whilst you do get purple squirrels that shoot acorns at you, most other enemies will only stand in your way and although you do take damage from hitting them, it’s not much.

Overall this is a good game but it’s more of a time-killer than a game you will play regularly.

For £6.99 this is definitely something that would be good to play on your commute to work or whilst waiting for an appointment but if you really wanted to put some hours into a game, you’re more likely to pick up something with more story and progression.

The overall score given is 6/10.