June 8, 2023

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Far Cry 5 Choice Cuts – Highlights From My First 20 Hours

And my review in progress with my opinions on the game so far.

Here is a video of just some of the fun moments I’ve had playing Far Cry 5 after 20 hours of play.  Some gameplay spoilers here but nothing story related.  I am really loving the game and in pure gameplay terms they’ve topped Far Cry 3 in my opinion and Joseph, John, Jacob & Faith Seed make fine antagonists, none of them can hold a candle to Vaas, but to put it into context Vaas is Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight and they are like Bane in Dark Knight Rises very good but not as near as chilling and captivating as Vaas.
The story is decent enough that it keeps things moving but the gameplay is fantastic.  Gunplay, mission variety and just pure video game fun in a gorgeous open world and the enemies do a good job of being people you love to shoot due to their evil ways torturing people, burning them alive with flamethrowers, forced baptism/nearly drowning the poor swines and beating them with baseball bats.  They’re evil dudes and the game gives you loads of toys in which to dispatch them however you see fit.  The grapple returning from Far Cry 4 is terrific fun as is the wing suit and parachute from Far Cry 3.  Animals are once again a highlight but they’ve been dialled back to Far Cry 3 levels so you don’t see them that often where as Far Cry 4 I felt they were overused and kind of annoying getting attacked by an animal every 5 minutes especially the eagles.  Doesn’t seem to be any bird enemies this time in fact apart from vultures I’ve swooping down on corpses.  Here they appear only once in a while making it feel like more of an event and their AI is very good as usual making keeping your distance and watching them a fun and interesting thing to do as Ive enjoyed since Far Cry 3.  Predators stalking and catching prey, attacking cult members or just watching them walking around looking very realistic and believable.  Erm and my first clip was totally an accident by the way I totally did not see that turkey before I get PETA on my ass, although the C4 strapped to the quad bike and luring the bear out? Maybe not so much… haha enjoy!