Farming Simulator League Begins!


Article by John Hellier

No, that isn’t a fake headline, nor an out of season April fool’s joke, there really is a Farming Simulator league, and it looks like it could be interesting (seriously, farming can be interesting you know).

So the folks over at Giants Software have thrown their hat into the esports ring with FSL, a team-based farm off. Now when I first heard of this I was a lot like you, thinking how do you farm competitively? Well let me tell you, it seems to have been done.

Basically, two teams of 3 compete to score the most points in a 15-minute match, by harvesting a pre-grown field and storing the straw bales. There are other factors to take into account, such as multipliers and such, which I could go in to but there is an introduction video below that explains things a lot better.

Anyways, this year’s first tournament is due to start on July 27th at FarmCon 2019 (yes that’s a thing), and you can follow all the action on the GIANTS Twitch channel.

With prizes of over €12,000 on offer, there will be some serious teams competing for the top.

On a side note, I really should up my game, I’ve not played Farming Simulator 19 for a while, better get in practice for next season…Then again, I’m pretty sure the teams this year would wipe the floor with me, better tune in to get some tips.

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