June 7, 2023

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Fishing Adventure

Fishing Adventure – Review

Fishing Adventure is a strange beast. It's one of those games that is really simplistic, primitive and not hold my attention for long...yet I can't seem to stop playing it.
by Lozza

Fishing Adventure is a strange beast. It’s one of those games that is really simplistic, primitive and not hold my attention for long…yet I can’t seem to stop playing it.

Maybe it’s the RPG loop that has the ability to hook players (pun intended) It by no means stands out or does anything unique, but it is extremely easy for casual Switch owners looking to have a relaxing time on a digital lake.

The good thing about Fishing Adventure is that you don’t need to know anything about fishing to understand what to do. You put a pole in the water, wait for the icon to under the water line and press a button. Simple.

Fishing Adventure

You play as a generic fisherman, obviously wielding a fishing rod and being free to walk around a lake where different fish will sit.

Fishing is simple as using the trigger buttons to cast, reel, and hook. Alternatively, the Joy-Con can be used with motion controls to cast and set the hook which works quite well, I decided to stick with the trigger buttons. There’s not much to it, which is a good thing for a game like this I find.

With each captured fish, the player has the option to sell it for money or throw it back to gain experience. As you level up, you can gain access to better equipment and different locales. There are quests that you can make use of which help bring some sort of variety, albeit not much.

Like in real life, the biggest issue is trying to find the fish. You mostly catch the fish by chance with no strategy of sorts..just throw and hope. Luckily, most casts can yield a fish of some type and there are more than enough to keep you occupied.

Fishing Adventure

Everything about Fishing Adventure is just blah graphics wise and in the audio department. There’s barely any sound in your bland fishing environment apart from the standard UI sounds and menu music.

You get a 3 second loop in the way of thunder and lightning but no birds chirping..no sounds of fish rising to the surface…but what is there is serviceable.
While still playable, the lack of any unique features, like having a gimmick when reeling in fish or a story mode with a narrative is very much par for the course with these types of games I find.

The RPG loop of catching fish for cash and experience is probably the core reason I come back..but I would’t say it’s that strongly addictive ‘one more go vibe’. There is plenty to unlock and much to explore in the challenge mode, but playing Fishing Adventure is like catching a small fish knowing there are big beasties out in the same lake. You get that sense of excitement but a tang of disappointment knowing you could of done so much better.

Overall Score – 7/10

I wouldn’t say I hated it..but I wouldn’t say it caught me hook, line and sinker either.