June 7, 2023

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Flowlines vs

Flowlines vs – nintendo switch review

If you like classic video puzzle games for 1 or 2 players we have a lot of stuff for you. Inspired by the very best of the genre, Flowlines Vs. aims to become one of the most important party games out there. We want players to solve puzzles, to compete with each other doing so, and to play - everywhere and with everyone.

Flowlines vs is the newest game to hit the switch that has been produced and developed by Baltoro games, it is a very bright and colourful game with well over 400 levels in the single player mood. It has a varied but chilled soundtrack which is quite calming which is quite handy with any puzzle game, the aim of the game is to connect the different coloured dots on the grid with line but they colours cant cross each other and depending on how many moves it takes you will depend how many moves you take to complete the puzzle if will give you a rating of 1-3 starts. 3 stars means you have completed it perfectly with no mistakes, 2 stars is you have made a mistake and 1 star is basically well done you have completed the level, it is also worth mentioning that you also need to completely fill ever tile on the screen with one of the lines.

Flowlines vs

If you have ever played flow free or simple mobile games then you will be fairly used to the base mechanic of how the game works, but there is a few other files and changes to that style of game which helps to make this game its own. You will find some blocks have walls which you cant pass through meaning you have to go around and think about the lay out more, other levels you will have bridge blocks which can allow multiple lines to pass through it and finally there is rainbow coloured blocks which any colour line can be connected to all of this adds new dimensions to the game and gives you many ways to complete each level. Don’t worry if you don’t get 3 stars straight away as you can reply the level straight away once you have worked out the best way to complete the level. Don’t worry too much about remembering from reading here about the tiles the game teaches you about each new obstacle or helpful tile you encounter as you work through the game and they become available

Flowlines vs

There is also a vs mode so you can play against a friend using the joy cons so you can play this with company and not have to just play alone which is always helpful. If you are playing solo though you can play the game how ever you like using the analogue sticks, the d pads or using the touch screen meaning you can play hand held in docked mode which will make 2 player a lot easier as they screen size will be a massive benefit in that scenario.
For a game that will set you back under a fiver it will give you hours of fun working through the puzzles and even more time playing it with friends on top of the single player mode, It is never going to be a game that will make you go out and buy a switch but if you want something nice and simple to pass the time with then look the game up and give it ago as you can do a couple levels on the commute to work or college etc or spend  afternoon working through a horde of levels working towards that final level 432!
I would give the game 5/10 its fun and colorful with some nice music but it is not really a stand out title and is prob going to be one that most people would overlook.