March 29, 2023

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Forgive Me My Henchmen Kickstarter Now Live

Plus some new information and 2 new videos.

A few weeks ago I reported on an interesting new indie game called Forgive Me My Henchmen, developed by 89 doors developer Blake McDeezy.  In the game you play as a Die Hard style villain and have to place your Henchmen to guard the building from a gun-toting John McLean style vigilante in order to stop the hero and carry out your evil plans.  You can read my last article on the game here.
The developer has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the game which is live right now and if you back the project at £11 you can get a copy of the game for PC on Steam  with bonuses for higher amounts including early access and being able to vote for the name of the vigilante.  The game’s Kickstarter page is here. if you want to check it out.
Below are 2 new videos  for the game.  The first video is narrated by the developer detailing what the game is about and how it all works.

This second video is on the new mechanic for taking control of the main villain and some of the things he can do to stop the hero.

I will have more news on this game as it develops and wish the developer all the best of luck with his Kickstarter campaign which ends on 31 March 2018 and is currently at £711 from 45 backers out of the £6,776 that the developer says is the minimum amount of money he needs to bring the game to life.