April 1, 2023

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Full Blast Review – A Good Affordable Arcade Shoot Em Up



Full Blast is a new indie arcade shoot em up game (or shmup) by independent developers UFO Crash Games and published by Ratalaika Games.  It is available now on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita & Nintendo Switch on their respective digital storefronts for £4.79.  For full disclosure Ratalaika Games were kind enough to provide me with a review code for this review.  I had a really great time with Full Blast it is a great arcade shmup at a very reasonable price.  It is playable solo or in split-screen 2 player local co-op with a friend.  Although sadly there are no online options.  Let’s dig into my review.






Graphics & Sound

Full Blast is a nice looking game for a lower budget indie title.  It has a pleasant art style with good artistic design in the levels and ship models.  Whilst it won’t win any awards it looks pleasingly reminiscent of older arcade shoot em ups such as 1942.  Although here players control a near futuristic looking fighter jet battling against alien ships which all seem to be based on bugs some of which can be seen in the above screenshot in the borders as the game displays in 4:3 giving that authentic old arcade feel.  Perhaps a borderless 16:9 option would’ve been better to suite personal taste.  None the less I enjoyed playing the game this way.


The game’s soundtrack is very good as well with good rock music that fits well with the gameplay.  The sound effects do a good job of providing satisfying feedback to the player and it all gels together very well to enhance the fun arcade gameplay of Full Blast.







Full Blast is a lot of fun.  With 12 levels that are fairly long for shoot em up stages, lasting a good 10 minutes to complete a stage.  There are  lot of enemy types with different bullet patterns to avoid and they are all well designed and aesthetically pleasing.  Each stage has an end boss which must be defeated and some have mid-level mini-bosses as well.  The game has 3 difficulty levels easy, medium and hard so you can make it as accessible or challenging as you like depending on your skill level with shoot em ups.


As you would expect from a shmup, enemies will drop power-ups at random when killed which range from better guns, a shield that will protect you for a limited time, screen clearing bombs (although these are extremely limited and you also start the game with one bomb), extra lives and score multipliers so you can aim for those high scores.  You can start from any level you have beaten once but each playthrough you start with 3 lives and 1 bomb.


Extras lives and bombs are extremely limited so if you are playing on normal or hard it is a meaty old challenge but as I say you can start from the stage you’re up to and work your way through all the levels.  Unless you are a demon at shoot em ups and can beat them all in one sitting, which you can do.  You can start from any stage you want and if you playthrough all 12 you will have a really good high score.  The levels are fun and highly replayable so you get a lot of bang for your buck for under a fiver at £4.79.







Full Blast is a fun little arcade shoot em up.  It won’t trouble any of the greats of the genre or anything.  But it is a good fun arcade shmup for a very reasonable price.  There are 12 levels that are fun and highly replayable offering plenty of value for money.  The game looks nice, plays even better and has 3 difficulty levels to suit most players.  It is playable in local 2 player co-op which always makes games like these even more fun.  Great job UFO Crash Games and I am looking forward to whatever game you will be making next!






Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Developers: UFO Crash Games

Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed), PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: Out now

Price: £4.79