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Ahh, the modern age of gaming is a great time to play in. Superb graphics, crystal clear audio and cutting edge game mechanics. Although if you need a break from all that, Gabbuchi has you covered.

Coming to us from Arksys Games, Gabbuchi is a puzzle game with very low tech, minimalist look, and feel. Now don’t get me wrong here, that in no way is meant to be negative, we are still in the description stage of the review here.


You play as Gabbuchi, a walking square with a mouth, and you’re tasked with eating blocks and cookies in order to satisfy your appetite. These blocks come in red and white, and with a press of R1 or L1, you switch Gabbuchis colour in order to eat the blocks of the same colour. Eat enough and reach the exit cookie (a pixelated heart) to finish the stage. Simple right?

Well, to begin with, it is. Like all good puzzle games, difficulty raises slowly but surely, keeping your attention without becoming ridiculously difficult too quickly.


Before you know it you will be split-second switching in order to prevent destroying the only block you can use to reach the next platform after 50 attempts at the same level.

So yeah, not much more to say really, with no story or anything, the gameplay is all we have to go on…Actually, I do have one thing to add before we reach the scoring.

The background music. We are treated to a loop of a flute/whistle type thing, which is ok in short bursts, but after a while becomes a hypnotic suggestion telling you to cut your own ears off. Pro-tip, mute it and listen to anything else.


Now apart from the music, everything else is fine. But unfortunately, that’s all it is. Worth a play if you enjoy puzzle games, but unlikely to go down as a classic.

Overall Score 6/10

An added bonus, I can now dress as Vincent Van Gough for Halloween…

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