June 7, 2023

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1 Hour of Pre-release Xbox One X Gameplay of Shadows Awakening


Shadows Awakening is a new action RPG by The Games Farm set in the Heretic Kingdoms universe.  Players play as The Devourer,  hulking demon-like entity who can consume and control the souls of fallen heroes.  Here is 1 hour of pre-release Xbox One X gameplay of Shadows Awakening.  Looking at side quests and main quests as well as story and dialogue.  Stay tuned for my full review coming Friday 31 August 2018 right here on Stoffel Presents.


You may also be interested in my first look preview of the first 2 hours of Shadows Awakening here and here is some more first look gameplay I have previously recorded.





If you want to pre-order Shadow’s Awakening here are links for all platforms:

PS4 £44.99: https://pgj.cc/D7e7hX
Xbox One £44.99: https://pgj.cc/mVBRH0
PC £27.99: https://pgj.cc/L6Euzj