March 27, 2023

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Gaming With Autism

I have been gaming since the late 1980s and from the days of both the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Gameboy. However my first actually gaming machine wasn't a console it was actually an Amstrad PCW8256.

Readers Feature by Gareth Willmer

I have been gaming since the late 1980s and from the days of both the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Gameboy. However my first actually gaming machine wasn’t a console it was actually an Amstrad PCW8256. The first games I actually played and what got me into gaming was Sky War and Tomahawk. I also was fortunate to have a few BBC Acorn Electrons which I would play Twin Kingdom Valley on.

Most people may not remember these systems as it was quite a long time ago however I would like to state that I do suffer from Autism with Asbergous traits and this means that I will often tend to show repetitive interests and patterns of behaviour. For example with some of my reader’s features and letters shown among this community.

My hope is that this will provide some clarity to the community and that this will help everyone understand why I write in about remasters and remakes as well as discussing new sequels to game series and that this will answer some questions.

I often do not have the most shared enjoyments with others and often can feel withdrawn from responding to most people and if I do I will try my best to give a clear response and explain my reasons. I often have difficulty with perception which affects me in my day to day life. However, I do not let my disability define me and it does not stop me from lacking any passion and showing a high interest in gaming as I have been gaming for a long time and enjoy this as a hobby to escape from some of the stresses in life and to unwind. There sadly is a stigma with Autism and Asbergous which doesn’t help anyone suffering from this to fit out amongst a crowd particularly those who may not be aware what Autism is and how it can affect a person.

There are vast resources out there for those who are not too sure what Autism and Aspergers is which explains clearly how it affects people and what the signs are.

Despite living with Autism I have an amazing family that helps me as well as friends who suffer from Autism and understand some of the daily challenges with this disability that can be faced.

An example of many of the games I have often enjoyed replaying are point and click games which I previously did a readers feature on as well as my other readers features which I have written to show a repeated pattern of interest, for example, some of my why I will always be a fan of readers features show this and many of my letters have discussed a repeated interest in games and remasters.

There have been many comments on my readers features and I hope that with this reader feature it can provide a lot more clarification as to why I write in about subjects that I show a repeated interest in and will not get me judged too harshly when I write in and which will help everyone understand my letters and readers features a lot more better and will clear up any misunderstandings or wrong impressions.

Thank you for reading and  I hope that you all have a much better understanding as to why I write in and why it can look like I am repeating myself a bit and discussing similar topics.