April 1, 2023

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Going For Golden Eye – Movie Review


Going for Goldeneye is an amazing mockumentary from the mind of writer and director Jim Miskell and it really is something truly special indeed. Borne out of Jim’s lifelong love for Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64, Going for Goldeneye tells the tale of the 20th Goldeneye world championships and it’s myriad of wonderful and endearing characters.
Going for Goldeneye takes inspiration from greats such as King of Kong and Spinal Tap and injects its own wonderful Yorkshire charm into the mockumentary genre. Riddled with jokes and cringe-inducing moments it is without a doubt going to become a cult classic within the gaming community.
The story centres around the lives of two main characters Ben and Ethan. Ben is a mild-mannered, meek, 33-year-old virgin with an unhealthy obsession with Goldeneye 007 on the N64. Ethan is the 19 times Goldeneye world champion and is that arrogant, overconfident, and often ridiculous friend or acquaintance that we all have in our lives. Everybody knows an Ethan.
The documentary follows both characters journey to the Goldeneye world championships, A competition steeped in history and tradition, that unfortunately, hardly anyone seems to care about it anymore.

The friends and family that surround Ben are hilarious all throughout the movie, His best friend and biggest supporter Tom is the best friend we all wish for. The high school bully, Duncan, that still haunts our adult lives even though we won’t admit it to anyone and Clive the incredibly creepy tournament organiser who is desperately trying to keep his competition relevant in a world that moved on decades ago.
Throughout all this, is Ben’s piss-taking parents. Characters that everyone can relate to. His dad in particularly steals the show on quite a few occasions and will have you laughing uncontrollably throughout the entire film.
The character of Ethan is portrayed perfectly by Daniel Bruce. The arrogance and self-believe are perfectly balanced against Ethan’s lack of intelligence and blind belligerence in the fact he is always right. As the narrative progresses we come to see the vulnerability that is the source of all the false confidence projected by 19 times world champion as he reflects upon his self.
Coming in at just over an hour Going for Goldeneye feels just about the right length. It ties up all the character arcs nicely and doesn’t overstay its welcome. At no point in the film does it feel tired or dragged out. The pacing is perfectly set in tandem with the narrative to the point that you will find yourself becoming incredibly invested in the characters and their stories.

Going for Goldeneye is a must own for gamers and non-gamers alike.  Whilst it will undoubtedly be compared to Spinal Tap and King of Kong, for me it is a shining example of the innovation and talent of British indie filmmaking and will take pride of place upon my shelf alongside Four Lions and This is England.
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Going for Goldeneye is a truly special movie that comes from a place of love, truth, passion and honesty. It is not to be missed and is a must to own as I guarantee you will want to watch this at regular intervals.
Overall Score – 10/10 – A must see. It is as simple as that!