April 1, 2023

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Golf Club 2019

Golf Club 2019 – PS4 Review


Golf Club 2019 is the latest instalment to the successful 2K Golf Club series. Whether you actually play golf, watch golf, or indeed don’t know the slightest thing about golf. Golf Club 2019 is accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Without a doubt, the biggest addition to Golf Club 2019 is the inclusion of the fully licensed PGA tour. An extremley welcome addition and gives real substance to the game in career mode.


Let us be honest here. the graphics in Golf Club 2019 are not gonna win any awards. They are perfectly fine and of a decent standard but are in no way mind-blowing. This isn’t an issue with the game as to be fair Amazing graphics are not really necessary.

The courses look beautiful. One of my favourite touches is the sound of birdsong in the background. It really sets an atmospheric setting and gives the feeling of being outside on the links.


Golf Club 2019 is a slow, sedate game. As golf should be. But my god does it pull you in. I’ll be honest I have no interest in golf. Either watching or playing it there is no enticement at all. Yet I can’t stop playing Golf Club 2019.

I love golf games such as Everbody’s Golf & Mario Golf. Even going further back I have lost hours to Tiger Woods on the PS1 and PGA tour golf on the Sega Megadrive. One thing that has been consistent throughout any iteration of golf games is how you take your shot.

Anyone who has played any golf game ever will know what I am talking about.  Press x to start your shot. Press x again to stop the progressing power bar. Then finally press x one more time to determine how straight you hit the ball.

As golf games evolved we saw this control method stay in one form or another. Whilst this mechanic is still present in Golf Club 2019 the “power bar” doesn’t appear until after you have completed your shot.  This means that rather than a simple matter of timing. Taking your shots is more instinctive and intuitive than analytical.

Admittedley the more knowledge you have of the sport the more of an advantage you have. I know I need to apply backspin to my shots when approaching the green but can’t quite figure out just how to do this. I’m sure it has something to do with flop and loft shots. This just confused me and the shots don’t work in the way I thought they would.

The greatest aspect of Golf Club 2019 is how it sucks you in emotionally. As mentioned previously I don’t really care about golf. As a lifelong gamer, I don’t really understand “gamer rage” or people smashing controllers because they lost. Golf Club 2019 elicts those emotions out of even the most chilled of gamers.

Miss that 6ft putt by milimetresa and listen to your self scream in frustration. Land that 25ft birdie putt and revel in the exhultation and joy. I have rarely had a game bring out such outburst of emotion and despair. Golf Club 2019 really brings you in deep on your PGA tour  journey.

Overall Thoughts

I want into this review of Golf Club 2019 expecting a standard run of the mill golf simulator. Lets be honest how much further can you go with a gofl game? How can you innovate? Golf Club 2019 has a plethera of depth for afficinados. From club selction to shot options. There is a wealth of information, options and statistics that I wont even pretend to comprehend.

The joy of Golf Club 2019 is it is accesable to all. You can pick up and play the game with zero knowledge of golf. You quickly come to understand how to read a green and aim your shot accordingly. Whilst not actually being able to explain why you are aiming that far to the left of the hole. You can’t explain why you just “feel” it.

I was surprised by Golf Club 2019 and really enjoyed the experience. So much so that I will be going back to it and continue my PGA tour career in the game. I look forward to understanding more of the game, the shots and the physics. Whilst i have scored this game as a seven I expect those gamers with a decent knowledge of golf would add another point or two to this score.

Overall Score 7/10