March 29, 2023

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Golf Resort: Boss – PC review


Review by PeetyPoos

Golf resort: Boss is developed by a single guy called Gus martin, who is a full-time programmer (who has worked for the likes of Capcom and Square Enix) and has made this in his spare time and had been published by Excalibur, so let’s get to it, all golfers rejoice. Do you like building things??? Have you ever thought about making your own personal golf resort, including making your own golfing holes? If so then this is the game for you.

Now I admit I’m not a massive fan off golf games or have any experience in the golfing world, so for me Golf resort: Boss was going to be a first, the tutorial kept bugging out not allowing me to continue with the tutorial or the game just crashing ☹. But eventually I manged to get though the tutorial giving me a inside into how this game will work and how to build the buildings, hire staff and how to play around with the “expansive landscape”

Golf resort: Boss

So, the gameplay mechanics, you build assortment off buildings, you can create your owns holes for all your V.I.P guests. You even get to test them for yourself and take some time out to play golf, ultimately your goal is to build a resort with a star rating to attract more people, so there fore more people visit your resort more money you can expand as you would expect from any sort of Management/Tycoon game.

Things I liked about the game:

  • Testing your holes that you build
  • I really like the fact you can decorate your holes and resort
  • I like the music is cute and mellow
  • The dev seems listen to the feedback and adding things and constant updates

Things I didn’t like about the game

  • One off the main things I didn’t like was the tutorial kept bugging out and crashing my game
  • The AI seemed slow to move from hole to hole

Honestly overall didn’t seem like a bad game, the developers really seem to be in contact with the players and listen to the feedback then they produce the required updates to fix bugs identified in a timely manner, for me the content road map update seems to be changes that the community are asking for which it is always nice to see a developers listen to their player base. For me personally it wasn’t to my taste but if you like golf and building simulators then you will probably like this.

Overall, I give Golf resort: Boss 6/10