June 7, 2023

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Gravel Video Review

A terrific new off-road racer that is like the Shox: Rally Re-invented sequel I've been waiting for!

Here is my video review of Gravel, a new off-road racer from Milestone.  It is out now on PS4 & Xbox One for around £44.99.  This game is a blast, with tons of content, a deep varied career mode, lots of awesome tracks & cars.  There’s a great progression system and lots of cars and tracks to unlock in career.
Multiplayer racing for up to 12 players as well as free play and time attack modes.  Excellent graphics, presentation and sound effects.  Fantastic vehicle physics & handling with an array of driving assists and tuning options to make the game as realistic or forgiving and more arcadey as you want it to be.
As a side note to the review as this information wasn’t known at the time of recording, here is a list of supported steering wheels for Gravel: http://gravelvideogame.com/2018/02/27/supported-peripherals-list/