Grid Fight – PGC London 2020


by Badger Nimahson

Next up from The Kings pick of the best indie games from Pocket Gamers Connect London 2020 is Grid fight by developer Playtra.

Grid Fight is a frenetic action/strategy game where the player defeats, recruits and evolves a cast of more than 30 all-female characters in a colourful world inspired by 70’s poster art and 90’s pop music.

Grid Fight is a fast-paced action game where you control a squad of powerful heroines sent by The Goddess, Clea, to protect the future of Gora.

Epic Entrance_20200117_High.gif

Move swiftly around the grid-shaped arenas, avoiding deadly attacks and using the unique abilities of each member of your Sisterhood.

Gora’s future is in your hands.


Each Level gives you the option to choose between 1 and 4 characters to take into the 5 by 5 grid arena. As you progress through the story mode in Grid Fight you will unlock more characters and lore that explain more about the world of Gora.

Grid Fight is currently on course to launch summer 2020 on Nintendo Switch and a possible mobile release in the near future too.

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