Grim Earth – PGC London 2020

by Badger Nimahson

Grim Earth is a beautiful 2D platformer that caught The King’s attention at Pocket Gamer Connect London 2020. Developed by Clockwork Pixels and inspired by SNES/Amiga era gameplay.

Grim Earth is designed to be nice and light, featuring a hand drawn graphical style, a dry sense of humour, frequent save points and it’s free of bloody gore … although there are plenty of explosions, alien splats and flying robot parts!

Grim Earth

What exactly is Grim Earth about you ask? Well on the games steam page Grim Earth story is described as follows:

5000 years from now, a series of apocalyptic events have shaped our once beautiful home into an entirely different world.

It’s not all bad news though. Countless alien invasions mean it’s a vibrant place to live and biodiversity is at an all time high, although most of it is not too friendly and should be avoided. Humans 2.0 are very friendly however, existing in peaceful harmony with all, thanks partly to the kind programming their AI fathers have bestowed upon them.

Grim Earth

Clockwork Pixels is a solo indie developer studio which makes grim Earth even more impressive. Before setting up Clockwork Studios, George worked at Gremlin graphics where he created Venus Flytrap and co-designed the Amiga classic Zool!

George has spent the last two years creating Grim Earth. Most of this time has been spent on creating the game’s core engine and it’s graphical style, both of which went through several revisions!

Grim Earth is available to buy right now on Steam for just £3.99. Clockwork Pixels hope that there will be a big enough audience to create a series of Grim Earth games so head over to steam and support this wonderful developer and let’s see a full range of Grim Earth games in the coming years.

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